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What we’re about

On the surface level Open Heart Meditation is a very simple yet effective way to shut the busy mind down, relax and unwind, and to reconnect with peace. Many people come as a quick way to recharge for the week and to find inner peace.

On a deeper level Open Heart Meditation is about opening the heart to know your True Self and to connect with our Creator - the ultimate source of love and life - what we call "True Source". The divine energy from True Source (the Reiki energy) is a beautiful restorative energy of healing, joy, love and blessings. It's suitable for people from all religions because it's non denominational and helps people to better connect with their chosen spiritual path - experientially through the heart (rather than through the head with more thinking and theory).

When you are connected to this abundant source of life energy every day, you will in turn receive life more abundantly. It will improve your overall happiness, health, and general well-being. You will find yourself more calm and less reactive; your choices in life will be more sound and centred; and you will be more in line with your True Self - all beyond the limited intelligence of the mind, other worldly wisdoms, and fluctuating emotions.

The greater purpose of this practice for those who wish to pursue it beyond relaxation and healing is to return home - back to our Creator from where we all originated from - the ultimate source of life and unconditional love, detached from the cycles and struggles of the earth dimension.

Open Heart Meditation is therefore very different to many popular types of meditation, such as Mindfulness Meditation for the following reasons:

• It does not rely on the mind or observation, or on emotions, but rather it is focused on the heart. We teach you how to easily shut the mind down, to open the heart, and sense from it.

• Instead of practicing detachment, we teach you to attach to the source of abundant life first. This will then help you detach from all forms of negativities naturally without any effort. In doing so, this will gradually iron out negative reactive responses, smoothing your life's path.

• This blessing, is a gift of Grace and cannot be earned by greater effort. The only thing one can do is to just receive this gift from the heavens with an open heart, in gratitude.

This group is dedicated to those who would like to learn, practice and share about Open Heart Meditation, Reiki healing, and Kundalini. Everyone is welcome to join, learn and contribute in a positive, safe and caring environment. :-)

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