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"The best way to predict the future? Invent it." So - We should have a brand new Tesla Model 3 available for test driving. And possibly an HA Proxy Demo, and also our resident youth perspective officer is working on a Fortnite for Fogies presentation. Will change this post when we have more details. *Net Neutrality* anyone? Yeah, it's still bad. Again. Greed is giving it a try... Ajit Pai predicts sky would fall in 2015, and boy was he WRONG 22 States Sue the FCC - their suits are still working through the courts. HomeFrontRouter ( ( status, and discussion on the next development targets. >----------------- For lunch the usual... no one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Cya here, then there! ---- Caution: Generic Meetup description follows --- We are a group of some serious, and some not-so-serious, geeks that want to see the Open Source Ethos spread and help as many people as will let it. During the meetings, which are pretty much an excuse to get together and have fun, we catch up on topical and industry news, projects, code releases, recent technical problems and solutions... There are sometimes presentations - anything open source but if it is software then running on more than 1 platform is preferred (Linux, Mac, Win, etc.). Mobile is an exception due to Apple's refusal to let FOSS code onto their IOS platform - so we talk about Android a lot more. I you have an itch to scratch that can be solved by technology, bring it on in! You well always get an educated opinion and sometimes a useful answer too. The group is not homogeneous around one specific technology, or industry, or language or nationality. What we have in common is our desire to make our lives better, and the set of people in "our" is everyone, everywhere. Join us afterwards for lunch! Hope you have a hunger for adventure. ;) 97.90% Geek content by volume. John Fields

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Learn how to get more done for free. User focused discussions on remote control, network monitoring, truly portable office documents, PDFs, and much more... Bring your laptop for hands on demos. Bring your problems for the hive mind to chew on.

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