• OpenStack OpenInfra Birthday Social


    We are teaming up to help celebrate OpenStack Foundation's 9th Birthday! Now that the OSF family has grown with the addition of Zuul, Kata, StarlingX, and Airship, we're timing the annual celebration around the establishment of the OSF, which was in July 2012. This annual mid-year tradition is still very much about the OpenStack project, but as the Foundation continues to evolve, we’d like to invite the entire OSF family to celebrate! As part of this celebration we want to tell you about various open source projects and how you can engage and contribute. Dinner and drinks will be provided. Agenda (subject to change): 6PM – sign in, food, networking 6:30PM – Welcome & OpenStack 9th Birthday Updates by Sunku Ranganath & Kari Fredheim OpenStack Open Infra PDX Organizers 6:45 - 9:00 ish - Programme: 1. 1. Clear Linux* Project: Overview and How to Collaborate and Contribute - Bia Palmeiro Clear Linux OS is an Open Source distribution optimized for Intel Architecture. Come and learn how to be part of the community and contribute to the project. Bio: Bia is the Clear Linux OS Community Manager and has been advocating for developers for the last five years. In her spare time, she likes to discover new breweries and restaurants 2. Consolidate IoT Edge Workloads with ACRN – A Flexible, Open-Source and Lightweight Hypervisor Description - Zhaorong Hou The booming IoT development requires lightweight hypervisors to easily consolidate ECUs and software with mixed criticalities, share the hardware resources with minimal degrading of real-time performance on the same platform. Intel just released ACRN 1.0 in May 2019 to fulfill this need and is looking forward to your contributions to future ACRN releases! Bio: Zhaorong Hou is a software engineering manager for virtualization related projects at Intel. In his spare time, he loves skiing and hiking in Mt. Hood as well as swimming and playing badminton with his three children and friends. 3. Kata Containers: running your containers solutions with extra isolation - Eric Ernst With the promise of minimal overhead and the ability to quickly scale based on user needs, the cloud ecosystem has been adopting containers at a fast pace – the hype is real! As adoption has scaled, so have concerns over security implications of using this technology. Kata Containers is a container runtime solution which brings hardware virtualization isolation to the container ecosystem. We will provide a brief overview of Kata, and describe how folks can get involved with the Kata community. Bio: Eric is a senior software engineer at Intel, professional cat herder , Kubernetes contributor and architecture committee member for the Kata Containers project. Eric lives in SE Portland, and pronounces it “kube cuddle.” *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others

  • Clear Linux* OS - an Introduction and Beyond

    Intel Hawthorne Farms Building 3 (HF3), Auditorium

    We invite you to join us for the first in a series of Intel Clear Linux OS MeetUps where we are partnering with the Open Source Technology Center PDX group. The aim of this initial MeetUp is to introduce you to the Clear Linux Project and help you learn how to better use the Clear Linux OS in your everyday job. Light refreshments and dinner provided. **What to Expect to Get Out of the Session** You will: 1. Leave with an understanding of the value of the Clear Linux OS to the industry (performance, security, customization, and manageability) 2. Learn how to use the Clear Linux OS as your main workstation and delivery software 3. Receive a non-technical introduction to features and their benefits **Proposed agenda (subject to change)** 3:00 Check in, refreshments, networking 3:30 Clear Linux Project Overview 3:45 Clear Linux OS Architecture 4:45 Demo: Deep Learning Reference Stack using Clear Linux OS 5:15 Demo: Swupd 5:45 Dinner Break 6:15 Hands on workshop 8:15 Panel

  • Digital transformation on the Cloud

    Intel Hawthorn Farm Campus

    Date Change! Due to speak conflicts, we moved the event to Thursday, May 16. Also, Maxim Shishkarev, Senior DevOps Architect at Grid Dynamics, will now be giving a speech on “Cloud and Microservices on the enterprise level”, instead of Max Martynov. We invite you to join us at the first OpenStack OpenInfra + Dynamic Talks PDX co-hosted event - Digital transformation on the Cloud - with Max Martynov and Sunku Ranganath. Come enjoy a night of technical talks and networking opportunities at the Intel Hawthorn Farm Campus in Hillsboro. We hope to see you there! Agenda 6:00 - 6:30 p.m. Sign in, pizza and drinks are served 6:30 - 7:15 p.m. UPDATED: Cloud and Microservices on the Enterprise Level – Maxim Shishkarev In this talk, we will share our experience with cloud enablement programs within large US enterprises. We will review the new cloud-native microservices architecture and some of the foundational capabilities such as: a microservices platform, the continuous delivery process, immutable infrastructure, and how to implement them using open source stack. We will take a closer look at the DevOps and SRE capabilities, and discuss why they are so important for a successful transformation. Talk followed by a Q&A 7:15 - 7:30 p.m. Break 7:30 - 8:15 p.m. Platform Observability and Infrastructure Closed Loops – Sunku Ranganath Service providers miss to implement complete service assurance solutions that encompasses its 3 elements of monitor, report & provision the infrastructure. Service Assurance requires deeper tracking of infrastructure & service metrics, automated intervention of threshold violations using trend analysis against configured parameters & finally configuring the hardware resources & service levels based on service priority. This talk presents range of closed loop platform automation domains focusing on the real-time and near-real-time loops touching the platform. We discuss the integration of Infrastructure telemetry, analytics, policy management interfaces & introduce the concept of Node Agent, using a noisy neighbor demo, for VM/container orchestrators to achieve intervention free Closed Loop Automation based service assurance solutions. Talk followed by a Q&A Bio: Sunku is a Network Software Engineer at Intel, enabling open source networking across service provider deployments. Sunku is involved in Collectd & OPNFV communities, with a focus on cloud telemetry and closed loop automation. 8:15 - 9:00 p.m. More networking and the event ends About Dynamic Talks: Dynamic Talks (https://www.meetup.com/Dynamic-Talks-Portland/) is an ongoing meetup series featuring technical talks from some of the leading experts in tech in major cities around the US. Enjoy talks about the most innovative subjects in: AI, ML, voice platforms, the Cloud and search. One of the objectives of Dynamic Talks is to foster and encourage the local technology community to share knowledge. Every event is free, with complimentary food and drinks.

  • An Evening of Technical Talks in Partnership with Cloud Native PDX

    Intel Hawthorne Farms Building 3 (HF3), Auditorium

    Join us for another awesome Cloud Native PDX + OpenStack Open Infra co-hosted event. Two speakers will share their experiences in Kubernetes and OpenStack. Pizza, beverages, and raffle will round out the evening. AGENDA 5:30 – 6:00 p.m. Check-in, Pizza, & Networking 6:00 – 6:30 p.m. Accelerating the Adoption of Hardware Accelerators in Kubernetes – Swati Sehgal With containers becoming the desired deployment model for a wide range of workloads such as Big Data, IoT, storage, AI, ML, SDN and NFV solutions, container orchestration tools like Kubernetes, need to evolve to meet stringent networking and resource management requirements for optimum utilization of compute, network and storage. Such application generate large volume of data that needs to be securely transferred in and out of storage and over the network and inherently require compression and encryption which makes them computationally expensive. Offloading such operations to the hardware accelerators results in better CPU utilization and improved application performance. This talk educates the audience on how discovery, bookkeeping, allocation of additional hardware resources can be done in Kubernetes using one such accelerator – Intel® QuickAssist - as an example. Bio: Swati is a Cloud Software Engineer in the Cloudnative Orchestration Software Engineering team at Intel. She is working with Intel engineering & architecture teams across the globe as well as open source communities, telecoms, cloud, and enterprise companies to prototype and deliver future high speed container technologies. 6:30 – 7:00 p.m. Container Compliance Tooling -- Nisha Kumar of VMWare Nisha introduces Tern, a utility for software package introspection in containers. This tool allows administrators to have the same level of confidence on what's in their containers as they currently do with VM images, including compliance audits, bill of materials, and exploit detection. Nisha is the primary author of Tern. https://github.com/vmware/tern Bio: coming soon 7:00 – 7:15 p.m. Raffle and closing remarks Learn more about Cloud Native PDX: https://www.meetup.com/Cloud-Native-PDX/

  • Open Infrastructure Summit Dress Rehearsal Sneak Peak & Pizza Too

    Intel Hawthorne Farms Building 3 (HF3), Auditorium

    Join us for pizza (provided by Orenco Schmizza Publichouse) and a preview of talks from the upcoming Open Infrastructure Summit. The plan is to give presenters a safe space for a dress rehearsal-type session where they can do a dry run and get real time feedback. Raffle prizes too! AGENDA 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Check-in, Pizza, & Networking 6:30 – 7 p.m. Intro to Tungsten Fabric and the vRouter - Savannah Loberger Tungsten Fabric is an open source network virtualization solution for providing connectivity and security for virtual, containerized or bare-metal workloads. Savannah will cover the overall architecture of Tungsten Fabric and the DPDK vRouter, which performs packet forwarding and enforces network and security policies. Bio: Savannah is doing her internship with NPG Architecture at Intel. She is actively working on optimizations and performance measuring of the DPDK vRouter. 7:00 – 7:15 p.m. Painless Cache Allocation in the Cloud – Sunku Ranganath As more and more workloads move off dedicated hardware into the cloud as virtual appliances, contention for shared hardware resource such as cache, memory and network bandwidth affects performance in the same vein as resources such as CPU and RAM. In this talk we discuss the Resource Management Daemon (RMD) architecture, components, and the design of monitor component that will track and fine tune allocations to meet service level agreements. Last but not least we share how RMD can be leveraged by cloud and container orchestration engines to effectively introduce cache allocation capabilities. Bio: Sunku is a network software engineer in Intel with background in building Network Function Virtualization reference architectures. Currently focused in telemetry and monitoring domain & actively involved in Collectd & OPNFV communities. 5 Minute Raffle Break 7:20 – 7:45 p.m. Unleashing network hardware goodness in the cloud – Manjeet Singh Bhatia Manjeet will discuss how a hardware feature related to Intel SRIOV was enabled in the Cloud, and give an idea about what it takes to enable a Ethernet feature all the way up to cloud service api. It will also briefly cover how test pipeline was setup for this feature. Bio: Manjeet is a cloud engineer at Intel focused on Software Defined network, currently working on enabling and testing hardware features in the Cloud. 7:45- 8:00 p.m. Closing Remarks and Raffle *Agenda subject to change

  • Open Infrastructure & OpenStack Meetup

    HF3 Auditorium

    Hey Stackers & Open Source Enthusiasts! Its finalized! We had more talk proposals than expected and updated agenda is below. Looking forward to see you all on Jan 17th! Venue is Intel Hawthorne Farm-3 Auditorium. Its to your right as soon as you enter HF3 building. Ample parking available. Feel free to check at security desk if any questions. Agenda: 6:30PM to 7PM -> Light refreshers & Networking Join us for light food, drinks and best opportunity for networking. 7PM to 7:05PM -> "Introduction" by Sunku Ranganath, Meetup organizer 7:05PM - 7:35PM -> "Software defined storage with OpenStack", by Woojay Poynter, LINBIT. Woojay will share his journey through OpenStack and his work on Cinder. 7:35PM -> 8:05PM -> "Reduce CI for Hardware/Software Integration to one command", by Manjeet S Bhatia, Intel Corporation Manjeet will present about CI setup using docker compose for a remote gerrit, and migrating CI in a single command. He'll give a demo on setting up CI and running a sample job on one of the OpenStack projects. 8:05PM to 8:35PM -> "Running TungstenFabric at Scale", by Piyush Srivastava, Workday OpenStack footprint at Workday has been growing fast over the last few years which has caused strains on the software defined networking layer powered by TungstenFabric. Piyush will be sharing his experiences of running TungstenFabric at scale at Workday. 8:35PM -> 9:05PM -> "Introduction to Kata Containers", Archana Shinde from Intel Corporation In this presentation, we’ll provide a brief overview of the Kata Containers project, including motivation for it as well as how it fits into the greater cloud-native ecosystem. Best! -Sunku Ranganath

  • OpenStack Birthday Social & Move To Open Infrastructure

    Intel Hawthorne Farms Building 3 (HF3), Auditorium

    Calling all passionate OpenStack'ers! Register Now for the July 9th OpenStack and Open Infrastructure Meetup! As the industry and OpenStack Foundation moves to embrace Open Infrastructure, we are kicking off this meetup just in time to celebrate OpenStack's 8th birthday to reinvigorate interest and bring together passionate community of developers and users in and around Portland. #OpenStack8Bday. Dinner and drinks will be provided. ***Note that the venue has been shifted to Intel HF3 Auditorium. There is ample parking available.*** Agenda: 6PM – Dinner, Pizzzza! Sign-in at the entry 6:30PM – Welcome & OpenStack 8th Birthday Updates by Sunku Ranganath, OpenStack-PDX Organizer 7PM – Intro to StarlingX by Bruce E Jones, Intel Corporation Speaker Bio: Bruce is the Program Manager for StarlingX for Intel. Before starting work on this OpenStack based project he did some wireless work on that other operating system. Before that he managed teams working on the Linux kernel and on the Xen hypervisor. 7:30PM - How to start contributing to open source by Michal Jastrzebski, Intel Corporation Abstract: Starting contributing to open source can be frightening. Every contribution is a public display and we are all aware of our ignorance. In this talk I would like to propose several ways how to effectively integrate ourselves into open source communities and how to quickly become effective and helpful contributors to open source projects and communities. Speaker Bio: Michal is engineer at Intel, who recently stepped down from Project Technical Leader role in OpenStack Kolla project. Actively worked with OpenStack communities for more than 5 years and recently moved to Kubernetes community as contributor to Kubeflow project. 8PM - Network Reliability Engineering - Automation’s North Star by Matthew Oswalt, Juniper Networks Abstract: For years we’ve heard the mantra - automation is the future of network operations. However, if we’re being honest, automation can be another one of “those words” - meaning something totally different depending on who you’re talking to. It’s time to up-level this conversation and talk about automation within the context of a new way of running network operations - Network Reliability Engineering. How can we use automation to make our networks more reliable, instead of focusing only on short-term gains? Through real-life examples, we’ll examine the shift to an NRE culture and DevNetOps behaviors that embody the role: networks as code, microservices and immutable infrastructure, CI/CD, chaos engineering, and continuous measurement and response. We’ll talk about how you can structure your existing automation practice, or perhaps kick-start a new one, for maximum effectiveness by leveraging Reliability Engineering principles. 8:30PM – Lightening Talks (5 minutes each) by Vancouver BC Summit attendees & Close RSVP to be on the notification list.

  • OpenStack Summit Vancouver

    Vancouver Convention Centre

    The next OpenStack Summit will be held in Vancouver BC and passes can be purchased now - go to https://www.openstack.org/summit/ for more information!

  • Kubernetes and Openstack

    New Relic

    NOTE: I accidentally announced this with the wrong date! Apologies, this will be happening on MAY 17th :) It's been a while OpenStackers! While we are still working out a new regular location, we thought it would be a lot of fun to do a joint meetup with the Cloud Native PDX (https://www.meetup.com/Cloud-Native-PDX/) group. Red Hat's Ben Kero is going to talk about running Kubernetes on OpenStack! More details coming shortly, but I wanted to get a quick note out to let you know we have something on the calendar for next week. As always, if you've got a topic you'd like us to cover, or would like to talk about something with a developer focus in mind, please let us know!

  • Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Training Event

    Marriott Portland Downtown Waterfront

    The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) will be hosting a cloud-native containers training event! The OpenStack Foundation is a co-sponsor of this event which will take place on February 7 from 2 - 5 p.m. PT at the Marriott Portland Downtown Waterfront. The event offers end users, developers, students and other community members the ability to learn from experts at Red Hat, Apprenda and CNCF on how to use Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies in production. You can sign up for this event at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cloud-native-kubernetes-101-roadshow-portland-tickets-29476984454