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Beginners Meetup #6

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This is our meetup aimed at beginners learning to code and develop software.

Scheduled talk (~20 min)

# What are types good for? -- Emily Green

What are types and why do we use them? What do people mean when they say X
language is dynamic, or when they criticize/applaud language Y for being statically typed? Why do people care?

While we're at it, what on earth is duck typing and monkey patching? What
exactly is a "scripting language", how is it different to any other sort of

Find out the answers to these questions are more!

Emily is a developer who went from Java to Scala to Haskell. She used to work in finance, and about 2 years ago moved to focus more on web apps and start-ups. She likes making stuff for real people!


Inspired by Berlin's wonderful Hack-n-Tell (, this is a chance for you to share with others what you have learned, what code you have written, some questions you have (there are no stupid questions!) or something you are stuck on. You don't have to prepare - all you need is 5 minutes. Bring your laptop - who knows - maybe there is something you have learned that is really helpful to others.

Send us your ideas to [masked]

We suggest you grab something to eat before hand (or bring it with you) as the evening tends to go until around 9pm. We usually also have some drinks afterwards. Look forward to seeing you!