What we're about

This group is for anyone who is seeking to break generational curses seen and unseen by giving them tools to compile and tell their ancestor story in a way that empowers and affirms their future. It also seeks to provide resources and tools to overcome life traumas in the following areas of life:

• Generational Baggage

• Daddy Issues

• Developing Your Racial Identity and Sense of Self

• Growing through Sexual Trauma and Harassment

• Growing When You Fall Flat

• Growing through Success and Entrepreneurship

• Growing while Leading, Growing into Your Purpose

• Growing through Motherhood

• Recognizing Your Magic and Growing into Womanhood

• Finding Your Spiritual Purpose

Join Brandi Richard, author of Operation Growth, for an intimate discussion on how she used the knowledge of her lineage and a study of her ancestors to determine her unique place in the world and grow into her purpose.

Join us for an intimate discussion!

Discussion 1: Making Sense of Your Generational Baggage by Developing Your Ancestor Story