What we're about

EVERYONE'S INVITED! Feel free to join and invite friends and family. Just please be kind, respectful, and willing to make a difference!

There are multiple types of human trafficking, but what we'll focus on are the worst: sex trafficking and forced (child) labor. I also want to clarify that we'll be fighting for women and girls, along with men and boys (who tend to get ignored and are not often as helped by organizations fighting human trafficking).

I've shown you some of my ideas on how to raise awareness and funds in the description below, but that's not all we'll be doing. Phoenix Anti-Human Trafficking Meetup will also be working on encouraging our local schools to educate their students about human trafficking, because pimps tend to target their victims there.

Our group will be lobbying the local and state government representatives, making sure they're actively fighting for the cause!

Corporations and businesses such as Starbucks and Walmart are guilty of having products built on forced labor. We won't exactly be boycotting them BUT we'll be actively encouraging them to change their practices. Let's work on only shopping a Fair Trade-certified businesses!

As for hotels, we'll be asking them to join the fight and to become part of The Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct.

Once we establish a big enough group, I'm hoping for us to partner with anti-human trafficking organizations someday!

And, of course, I have tons of ideas for fundraising events below! Tell me your ideas. :)


1. Charity Walk/Run (preferably a walk unless you guys want to see me run like Phoebe from "Friends" -- look it up on YouTube.)

2. Gaming Night

3. Board Game Night

4. Bake-Off

5. Local Concert (who here can sing or play any musical instruments?! Raise your hands!)

6. Serve-a-Thon Event (Example: we raise a dollar for every piece of trash we pick up on the roads.)

7. Dog Walk-a-Thon

8. Dog-and-Car Wash

9. Pet Party (I'm seeing a pattern here...)

10. Farmer's Market


1. Let's begin a blog!

2. Talk to government officials, encourage them to fight human trafficking

3. Slavery Footprint (I'll either start a Discussion on this or talk to you guys about it at our first meeting.)

4. Write petitions

5. Write to newspapers and magazines

6. Create and hand out "business" cards with critical information such as the National Human Trafficking Hotline number


1. Donate to shelters and organizations that desperately need items and other things for their survivors

2. Volunteer/work with organizations such as the IRC (International Rescue Committee)

Please, please, PLEASE feel free to throw any ideas my way! I want everyone to get involved and work together in this group. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

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Brainstorming to Save the World!

Jarrod's Coffee Tea and Gallery

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