What we're about

AMPY - Applied Mathematics and Physics Yukon is an open R&D group sharing topics in Applied Mathematics and physics.

Our goal is to inspire and kindle the formation of projects formed by people of different level of education.

AMPY is an open framework to build models, simulation and study cases in different fields like Material science, Robotics, Engineering, Chemistry and Aerospace to name a few.

“Mathematics is a language spoken through each fiber of the universe” E.I 2017

We see mathematics as a language to describe all the phenomena in our daily life. Curiosity and imagination are the most important qualities.


1 - Purpose driven, to ignite and expand Curiosity

2 - Free Sharing knowledge, concepts, topics and ideas

3 - Highly encouraging environment.

4 - Building network, connecting with other groups and experts in different topics in math and physic

Come and join us !

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Differential Equations

Online event

Applied mathematics and Physics - 2019 - 3

Whitehorse Public Library

Mathematics and physics for Robotics and Ai

Whitehorse Public Library

Mathematics & physics to build Rockets

Whitehorse Public Library

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