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What we’re about

Welcome to Oracle Developers NYC! Are you trying to make the most out of application development using the latest technologies? So are we. Join us so we can learn together!

Here are some of the technologies we love to champion:

Oracle Application Express (APEX)

APEX is a declarative framework for building web applications on the Oracle database. Using only a browser, and with just basic knowledge of application development, it is possible to create robust, secure, and scalable web applications. APEX applications utilize the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and even include a feature named Dynamic Actions that can add JavaScript to applications without having to write any code.

Oracle JET

To assist developers working on JavaScript based, single-page applications (SPAs), Oracle developed the JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET). JET is a collection of open-source JavaScript libraries, combined with a set of Oracle-contributed JavaScript libraries that make it as simple and efficient as possible to build applications that consume and interact with Oracle products and services.

Note: while we think Oracle JET is a great choice for building enterprise JavaScript apps, we’re certainly not opposed to using other technologies. AngularJS, Ember.js, React, Vue.js, and all the others are welcome too!

Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)

These days, front-end developers want their data in JSON format, but not all data is best persisted in JSON format. For many applications, the relational model will be the best way to store data. With ORDS, we can have the best of both worlds. We can use the many features of Oracle Database to build a robust, scalable persistence layer and then use ORDS to expose that layer RESTfully.

Node.js Driver

Node.js, the platform that allows JavaScript to run on the server, has become very popular over the past few years. To best support this rapidly growing community, Oracle developed a new driver to allow Node.js to connect to Oracle Database. Now it’s possible to put the power of Node.js to work on your data!

Oracle Database

Introduced in 1979, this was the world’s first commercially available Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) database. Today it ranks as the world’s most popular database technology. There are many topics to cover here, including core concepts (architecture, concurrency & consistency, transactions, etc.), SQL, PL/SQL, database design, tools (such as SQL Developer), tuning, and more.

Our History: This group started as an APEX specific meetup on April 22, 2014 before widening the focus to Oracle development on December 1, 2016.