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What weโ€™re about

Hey there, welcome to OC's Social Adventure Club!!!

This group is for anyone in their 20's and 30's living in Orange County. If you're looking to discover new activities, skills, hobbies, or a good group of friends, then search no more, this group is for you! We welcome all young adults looking to expand their perspectives and discover new things this life has to offer. We seek people who are not afraid to take a step forward and enjoy life to it's fullest! If you feel that's who you are or wish to become, then join us on this journey. Explore. Inquire. Discover. Evolve.

Purpose: The aim of our group is to create a fun venue for adventurous young adults looking to grow socially and personally. We seek to provide a broad range of activities that may help you discover any hidden passions, skills, and hobbies, all while meeting new people and friends along the way. Ultimately, we want people to form and cultivate real friendships through a shared activity or interest.

Activities: To give you an idea what our group is all about, here is a list of categories that our activities and events fall under: 1) Physical Activities (hiking, camping, general sports, exercising, etc.), 2) Social Activities (happy hour, bar crawls, dinning in new places, new member mixers, game board nights, etc.), 3) Skill Based Activities (general learning classes like learning how to dance, paint, snowboard, etc.) & 4) Special Activities (concerts, music & cultural festivals, holiday parties & events, etc.).

Requirements: Our group is free of charge. However, to be accepted, we do require the following information: 1) your name and age, 2) a clear picture of yourself, & 3) all questions answered when requesting to join us.

Caution: Our group settings and information are kept private from non-members. We want to focus on creating a community of quality people so we will remove anyone who has a tendency of doing one or more of the following: provide false information on their profile, display of misconduct & improper behavior towards another member, become inactive after a long period of time or never attending an event, and flaking last minute or not showing to events at all.

If you feel this group is something you're interested in, then please join us and share your ideas and interests with us! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us as well!

- Zee

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