What we're about

Welcome to the “Ordina for Agile” Meetup group.

The idea of setting up this meetup was initiated by Agile experts from Ordina Belgium.

We organize events for you, the members of this group, with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences. The idea is to learn from one another, to improve and to discover. All with respect to deepening and broadening our insights into Agile as a new way of working together.

Events can be: workshops, training sessions, coaching clinics, breakfast/lunch sessions, open spaces, etc.

Depending on the subject and circumstances, events will be organized online or on-site.

This meetup group is open for everyone who is interested in Agile as a mindset and a way of working.

So, don’t hesitate and join us.

Ordina aims to bring its extensive agile experience to organizations and people, by supporting and guiding them in their Agile journey.

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Dat heet dan gelukkig zijn!

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Transformeren naar Business Agility: HR aan het stuur!

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Deep Listening – Impact beyond words.

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