What we're about

Hello! My name is Miri and I'm a Korean language coach at Organic Korean.
If you've studied Korean and Googled Korean content, you might have visited my website - Organic Korean ( http://organickorean.com )

Yes, that's me 😉

Every weekend, a group coaching class is held in Seoul.
We're going to do real communication with authentic materials, not textbooks.

✅ I'd like to make sure this is NOT mere language exchange.

✅ The class only goes in Korean.

✅ The class is only for intermediate- and advanced-level Korean learners. (TOPIK level 4 or above)

I don’t prefer using resources that are only designed for Korean education. As always, my class works with real communication, which is based on authentic materials such as tv shows, K-pop lyrics, the news and more. It's very communicative and well-organized.

The thing is, I don’t want to spend too much time in my class explaining grammar points, which can be easily researched during off periods. Depending on each student’s needs, I will be able to share the link to reference it, but I'd like to make sure the class is non grammar-focused.

My aim is to focus on real-life conversations, which you will pick up from the class and have the ability to use right away.

After the class, a writing assignment and a speaking assignment with a camera will be given. The results will be reviewed and revised by me. Depending on each student's schedule, it should take around 3 to 5 days to complete.

If you want a more customized class with a group class fee, my class will suit you perfectly.

🔔You don't need any textbooks or reference books. I will always provide all of the materials that I've created.

💁 This coaching is recommended:
✔ if you're not satisfied with a language exchange program
✔ if you feel stuck at a certain level of Korean language skills
✔ if you want to get a job in Korea
✔ if you want to brush up your Korean skills for business or academic purposes
✔ if you want to be a foreign celebrity in the Korean entertainment industry (broadcasting or YouTuber)
✔ if you want to be more localized in Korean life

👩‍💻 Miri Choi; your Korean teacher

Work Experience

@ Organic Korean (2015 - present)
Top-ranked Korean language education website
Top-ranked BTS article analysis

@ Eggbun Education: language education company that developed chat-bot tutor app (2015 - 2018)
Head of content: Korean/Japanese/Chinese/English
Korean content developer/specialist; has already achieved proven content with +1,000,000 users from all over the world

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