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What we’re about

The purpose of this group is to learn and practice land navigation, orienteering, and outdoor survival.

Arguably, essential skills like these require repetition and experience in order to be useful when required. Obtaining this knowledge can be incredibly fun and confidence-building. Why not share these experiences with each other?

- general confidence in any situation
- mild outdoor exercise (advanced classes have stricter physical requirements)
- ability to navigate with/without a map, compass, protractor
- competence choosing a route
- fire, water, food, protection, location aids, and more

Anyone can join! Especially those with a desire to learn new things and teach others. Dogs and children welcome (event will clearly specify if either are prohibited).

Our events will range from day hikes, overnights, orienteering events, skills training, and hopefully post-training drinks.

I picked up my repertoire of navigation and survival skills from my father, a Green Beret (US Army Special Forces). From a young age, my brother and I demanded education in the 'dark arts,' and we were fortunate to grow up surrounded by training, knowledge, weekend trips to train marines in desert survival, and building snow shelters on Christmas in the backyard.

I would like to honor his memory by passing some of his wisdom to others, while sharpening my skills and increasing my knowledge.