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Brain-Storm and be enlightened in the ways of "The Orisa ("Orisha")."
Odun De! Let's prepare for the New Year--Odun De! We are bound to communicate more in the language of our Great Ancestors.. Odun De... Let's Celebrate! Happy New Year...

Orisha Pantheongenealogeopolitics Cultural Heritage Center

2584 Bailey avenue · Buffalo, NY

What we're about

It is not a new group; it has been in existence since the hey-days of the "Yoruba Foundation" in Buffalo, New York. It has as its members those Yoruba Traditional Religion practitioners who remained in Buffalo, New York; whilst some other members relocated to the "Oyotunji Village," in South Carolina. It exhibits a mini Yoruba/African museum, and serves as a venue for classes and discussions on Yoruba Traditional Religion, Music , Dances, Fashion, Custom, etcetera. It is opened to everybody--anyone can join--all and sundry! As the Yoruba people would say: "Tiwa-N'-Tiwa" (Ours -IS -Ours), we aim to equate Traditional Yoruba Religion (Ways of the Orisha) with Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, as we believe that we all call on the same same Almighty-God, that the Yoruba call "Olorun-Olodumare," who is being served by a pantheon of "Orisha/Orisa" (Arch-Angels, Angels, Spirits, Prophets, Ancestors, Et Al)...

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