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SQL AutoAudit: The simple, powerful…and FREE audit tool for SQL Server.

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AutoAudit is a simple but powerful Code-Generator utility that creates Audit Trail Triggers for SQL Server (2005, 2008 and 2012) tables with the following features:

• Insert - event logged to Audit table
• Update - old and new values logged to Audit table
• Delete - logs all final values to the Audit table
• Optionally adds CreatedDate, CreatedBy, ModifiedDate, ModifiedBy and RowVersion columns to table
• Schema Audit Trigger to track schema changes
• Re-code-generator triggers when Alter Table changes the table column structure
• view to reconstruct deleted rows
• UDF and view to review or reconstruct Row History

I will start the session with a brief overview of the history of AutoAudit. I will describe the features, capabilities and many options of AutoAudit, how to install the tool, setting up auditing on a table and managing the system. I will talk about the objects that get added to the database and how to use them. I will present scenarios for change history reporting and data recovery with AutoAudit. Finally I will talk about performance considerations, storage requirements, AutoAudit data archiving and cleanup.

Presented by: Jean Sigouin

Speaker Bio:

Jean Sigouin began his career as a software and database designer at an aerospace company then continued at a biomedical high-tech manufacturing company. He has been a SQL Server consultant since 2008. Jean has been working in IT for over 20 years as a DBA, software architect, business analyst, development team manager and developer. Jean has been developing databases and administering SQL Servers for the last 20 years.