[Azure Event Grid - Reliable event delivery ] and [Azure Cognitive Services]

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4:30 to 5:00pm Networking and Pizza

5:00 PM: Technical Talks (2 talks)


Session Title: Azure Event Grid - Reliable event delivery at massive scale

Session Description: Simplify your event-based apps with Event Grid, a single service for managing routing of all events from any source to any destination. Designed for high availability, consistent performance, and dynamic scale, Event Grid lets you focus on your app logic rather than infrastructure.

In this session, Carmai will introduce the pragmatics of Azure Event Grid.

Session Level: Intermediate

Speaker Bio: Carmai Constant - Axio Solutions

(40 mins + Q&A)


Session Title: Enhance your App with Azure Cognitive Services

Session Description: Would it be great to be able to do things without having to know them? I would love downloading knowledge directly into my brain like in the movies.The Azure Cognitive Services let you add very powerful intelligence into your application, mostly effortless. This talk will introduce you the Azure Cognitive Services and shows how to use it your application to enhance your capabilities in a little demo. Expect an introduction level mix of slides and code.

Session Level: Intermediate

Speaker Bio:Frank Boucher

With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, François (Frank) Boucher is a trusted Microsoft Azure professional whose expertise and bilingual service are relied upon in large Canadian markets (Ottawa and Montreal) as well as internationally (Minsk).Among his many accolades, Frank has been awarded Microsoft Azure MVP status, named a Microsoft Azure Advisor, and certified as an MCPD Windows Azure Developer.Frank has leveraged his expertise in Microsoft Azure in to a key development role at Lixar IT, an Ottawa-based software company. At work, Frank leads a dedicated team of developers in the advancement of technology in the mobile, air, and telecommunication industries. Prior to his involvement with Microsoft Azure, Frank worked extensively with .PHP and .NET, specifically by porting Data Access Application Block (DAAB) on the .NET Compact Framework (NETCF).Outside of work, Frank is a sought-after speaker, author, and trusted collaborator on Microsoft Azure. Recent engagements have had Frank speak, in-person, to audiences in Montreal and Minsk.As a trusted voice on Microsoft Azure, Frank has authored a technical book review and continues to write about his experiences with Microsoft Azure on his two blogs, Frankysnotes.com (in English) and Cloudenfrancais.com (in French). Frank has also successfully created or collaborated on open source projects that have included Azure User Management Console (AUMC), Kindle Clippings, and Kindle Clippings Extractor. (40 mins + Q&A)

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