March Evening Event : Microsoft Dynamics - Dual Presentations

This is a past event

29 people went


4:30 to 5:00pm Networking and Pizza

5:00 PM: Technical Talks (2 talks)

1) Authenticating external Dynamics 365 Portals users with Azure AD B2C


Since the Adxstudio acquisition, Microsoft has been making huge investments in its cloud-based Dynamics Portals. It offers a quick, efficient and flexible way to transform your Dynamics 365/CRM into a CMS and interact and share information with your customers. One of the frequent challenge that we see when implementing a Portal connected to Dynamics 365/CRM is related to external users authentication. In this session, we do a quick review of the portal offering before discussing a concrete customer case where its portal users connection information is stored in an existing Azure Active Directory B2C database. Speaker:

Colin Vermander is the Director of Software Engineering with Adoxio Business Solutions and responsible for technical oversight across all of Adoxio's services and product development. Adoxio, a Microsoft Partner, is recognized globally as an innovative Dynamics 365 solution provider, with a rich background in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM Portals. With over 15 years of technical experience, from infrastructure to development, Colin brings the knowledge and depth that has helped a wide array of clients build custom solutions that exceed expectations. Colin enjoys contributing all that he learned to the community that has served him so well by sharing his challenges, solutions and fun discoveries.

(40 mins + Q&A)

2) Planning a Dynamics 365 On-Premise to Online Migration


Are you ready to move your on-premise Dynamics CRM system to the Dynamics 365 Online? Wait! This is not a simple "press a button" process. Where do you begin? How do you move your data, your users, your customizations, configurations, reports, integrations and many other aspects of your existing Dynamics CRM system to this new platform? Are you tempted to start over from scratch (maybe?) or can you continue to capitalize on your previous investments? What tools are available from Microsoft and the ISVs? This session will help you build a step by step plan to move an on-premise CRM system to Dynamics 365 Online. The various tools, techniques and strategies will be discussed as well as particular roadblocks and issues that might arise during the project. Start your migration project with your eyes wide open!


Nick Doelman is Microsoft Business Solutions MVP and has been working with Dynamics CRM since version 1.0. Nick has been engaged in over 100 enterprise Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 software implementations from many diverse industry sectors; high technology, government, distribution, wealth management, reinsurance, telecommunications, professional services, non-profit and associations. From 2006 to 2013 Nick ran his own CRM consulting company; Ready Business Management Systems Ltd before joining BDO IT Solutions. When not working on Dynamics 365 or Portal projects, Nick spends time with his wife and daughter. Nick is also a nationally qualified competitive Powerlifter. You can follow Nick on Twitter @readyxrm and read his Dynamics 365 blog at

(40 mins + Q&A)