Introduction to Microsoft Graph

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Introduction to Microsoft Graph
These days ‘Graph’ is an overloaded term, and people can be excused for glossing over Microsoft Graph. This session will introduce MS Graph and the rich access it provides to Office 365 data – both for organizations and individuals, from OneDrive files to SharePoint lists, Teams, Users and applications such as OneNote and Excel. We’ll show how you can explore MS Graph on your own with no cost and little effort and provide real-world examples of its use.

Cam Stevenson is a very long-time, award-winning software developer with dozens of successful (and unsuccessful) apps to his credit dating back to the early 90's. For good or for bad, Cam invariably finds himself developing in the Microsoft ecosystem, with 15 years of Office and SharePoint experience at last count. He has decided to ‘just go with it’.

Cam is a wannabe writer (with one novel published), as well as a history buff and a historical re-enactor, fascinated by the Loyalist side of the American Revolution and is an enthusiastic grunt serving with the King's Royal Regiment of New York.

When he's not writing software (or words) or running around out-of-breath at a re-enactment, Cam is a voracious reader, largely of Science Fiction, with a special appetite for books centered around "bad real estate deals".

Cam lives in Oxford Station, Ontario with Wendy, his wife of 34 years, and a small overly confident cat named Oreo.