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SQL Server Indexes Under-the-Hood

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Indexes allow SQL Server to access your data in the most efficient manner. Understanding how SQL Server indexes work under-the-hood will give you insights on how to design effective indexing strategies. In this session, you will learn what indexes are, how they work, basic indexing strategies and how query performance is affected by indexes.

Speaker:Edwin Sarmiento

Edwin Sarmiento is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP from Ottawa, Canada specializing in high availability, disaster recovery and system infrastructures running on the Microsoft server technology stack. He is very passionate about technology but has interests in music, professional and organizational development, leadership and management matters when not working with databases. He lives up to his primary mission statement - "To help people grow and develop their full potential as God has planned for them" He wants the whole world to know that the FILIPINO is a world-class citizen and brings JESUS CHRIST to the world.