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Welcome to our MeetUp Group.
Let's Explore the Unexpected! 

Looking for some cool Outdoor/Indoor activities and make new friends along? Then this group is for YOU!
Get out there into the real world - the world of nature and wilderness with same minded. We have all ages Men and Women ,married or single.

Our motto: Keep Your Life Adventurous!
The purpose of this group is to motivate people for outdoor adventures and fitness activities to keep the society healthy, active and alive. Through this group, we are aiming to organize guided group hikes, private activities weekends hikes, adventure trips, camping activities, explorations and international tours and Climbing Expedition and Trekking peaks to reach the highest summit of each Continents and many other crazy stuff!

Join our group, join the adventure! :)
Alpine Trekkers Meetup is a group for the persons who like hiking, outdoor, nature activities in UAE and worldwide and a global community group of friends from different nationalities and diverse life style background. All unique activities are weekend & holiday based, well produced from the view points of International leisure, recreations, and everybody can enjoy various type of events comfortably. Through each activity, we love to talk and share about various topics & experiences & information. Whatever you are beginners or advanced for hiking and outdoor fields, or not, if interested in, that is enough. We welcome you to join our group and be our new friend!

Someday, the day may/will come when you have to leave Dubai or UAE. In the future, if our group activities were joyful and memorable clicks of your Dubai life, that will be our pleasure.

Learn why we are one of the best hiking groups in the world in terms of offering the most hikes with lots of variety and difficulty levels, and volunteering for charitable and community work.

WHO ARE WE? Probably most flexible and supportive organized hiking group with more than 10,00 members! Our size and team of over 2 volunteer leaders and organizers enables us to offer a large number hikes and other activities nearly every day and night during summer times of the year with reasonable fee.

WHAT DO WE OFFER? Many varieties and levels of outdoor activities from basic hiking, to peak summits, High mountains expeditions’ trekking and many more. We also organize volunteer service activities for worthy causes. Whatever your interests, you will probably find an activity you will enjoy.

WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO? For the lasting benefits of regular exercise, fun adventures in the great outdoors, and fellowship with like-minded people. In addition, our occasional group volunteer service activities enable us to give back to the community in tangible ways.

WHERE DO WE HIKE? All around United States and occasionally in other places around the world. Local hikes may take place on all different surfaces, or in places where there is no trail at all while challenge, extreme or exploration trekking.

HOW DO I JOIN? Just click on the “Join US!” button to get started.

HIKING LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY RATING SYSTEM: 1.0 to 2.2 Easy, 2.3 to 2.9 Moderate, 3.0 to 3.5 Hard, 3.6 to 4.2 Very Hard, 4.3+ Extremely Hard

Once you are a member you may wish to try a few easier hikes first to get familiar with our rating system and how it compares with your current fitness and experience level before taking on the more challenging adventures.
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Ready to go? Please JOIN US!

We look forward to seeing you out on the trails soon!

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Looking for a travel Companion? Post it here!

Needs a location

Kindly understand that This is Not an online event. We created this for the people to communicate with each other (in the comment section) to find their travel mates. However, since the Meetup site requires a date and time. We constantly have to update the date and time to keep the event alive.
Dear friends,
If you have plans to travel somewhere in the world, and you are looking for a travel mate/roommate, you can post it here to let others know, and maybe you can arrange to travel together.
It would probably be a good idea to meet up before deciding to travel together but at least this will give you a chance to find a like-minded travel mate.

How to Choose the Right Travel-mate

  1. Have some common interests.
  2. Avoid people who tend to extremes.
  3. Agree on expenditures before you leave.
  4. Make sure your personalities
  5. Friends aren’t always good travel companions
  6. Don’t go backpacking with a luxury-seeker
  7. Make sure you’re able to communicate
  8. Agree on a similar budget
  9. Avoid picky, crazy and whiny individuals
  10. Test each other on a short trip
  11. You don’t have to be like a couple of inseparable lovebirds

Good Luck and Cheers,
Ree & Smyl


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