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Mentoring on setting up/running an online business. READ THE DESCRIPTION!
DO NOT RSVP until you have read this description in full. What This series of meetups is for OIP members who wish to build an online business and require some regular, personalised advice and guidance - along with a degree of accountability. It runs AS WELL AS the main Meetup (which is on the second Wednesday of each month) - but is very different. Read the details below. Numbers There are only 5 places available at each event, which includes me. Cost There is a charge of £20 to attend each meetup, payable when you RSVP. BUT your first session is FREE: I will refund your first payment in cash when you attend. If you don't attend, there is no refund because you will have taken up one of the slots. Refunds You will get a refund: * If I cancel or reschedule the event * If you cancel your RSVP within 7 days of the event * When you attend your FIRST event (refund in cash) Where Central Oxford. You need to call/text me on 07785-714 300 or message me on Meetup, to learn the exact location. When We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month Who it's for You may already have a business in place and want to develop it; or you may have an idea you want to explore; or you may have no idea other than you want an online business. It doesn't matter. We start from wherever you are. What we do The over-riding single goal for each meeting is for each person to leave with a firm action plan to be completed by the next meeting. In creating an initial plan, a lot of things need to be covered: * What sort of business you want to set up / or what you have achieved already * What niche you want to operate in * What skills you currently have * What business experience you have * What time you have available In creating subsequent plans, we will need to cover * How much of last month's plan you completed * What issues you came across (technical, strategic, time, self-management, motivation...) Part of the time at the meeting we will have discussions as a group (we can all learn from other people's situations) and part of the time I will spend one-on-one with individuals. During the one-on-one sessions, everyone else can be working on their business using the wifi facilities of the meeting place - so BRING YOUR LAPTOP/TABLET. Consistency and accountability The expectation will be that people will attend every month once they decide this is right for them - rather than drop in and out. At least 50% of the benefit of this setup is the implicit accountability of needing to report back on progress against a plan. In my many years working alone on my online activities I've come to understand how critically important accountability is - and I personally have TWO meetings each week with different people to whom I am, to some degree, accountable - even though we have no business relationship. Unsure? If you have questions, please send me a message on Meetup, email me on or call/text me on 07785-714 300 Sure? If you definitely plan to attend, please RSVP on Meetup AND get in touch so I can tell you the venue. No spaces left? I've configured Meetup to allow up to 5 people to RSVP - including me. If you want to attend and it's full, let me know and I'll put you on a waiting list in case of cancellations. If there is enough demand over time, I may start a second series. Alex Goodall Your Digital Ally (

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What we're about

Public Group

We are a group of people in the Oxford area whose work (and/or study) is based around the internet and digital work in general.

Members include full time employees, business owners, self-employed digital experts, part-time marketers, academics and researchers, digitally-oriented lawyers... and more.

Despite the title, experienced professionals and those just starting their digital journey are equally welcome.

The Main Events

The main, and longest running event is a monthly meeting in a friendly environment (currently the Red Lion in Gloucester Green), where we sit around and talk about whatever comes up. The resulting conversations are usually lively, always informative and occasionally controversial.

Come and join us for a friendly, and usually helpful, evening: ask questions, answer questions, challenge the experts or just listen in.

There are no expectations, but bring along a business card or two!

The Mentoring Events

Alongside the full meeting, we recently started a new series of events - currently also monthly - for OIP members who wish to build an online business and require some regular, personalised advice and guidance - along with a degree of accountability.

These are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Numbers for these events are strictly limited - but if they prove popular enough, I'll increase the frequency.

There is a charge for these events after your first attendance.

For a much more detailed description, see the notes related to one of the future events.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Alex Goodall

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