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Let’s meet up and play riichi Mahjong (Max 4)
• What we'll do Let’s meet up in the cafe and play riichi Mahjong (Max 4). I will bring a set with eastern characters and Dora tiles. • What to bring • Important to know

Rose Hill community Centre,

Carole's way off Ashurst way Rose Hill · Oxford


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    Mahjong originated in China, it is a game played, usually by four people, but can be played with 3 and possibly 2. There are at least 39 different rule sets for Mahjong - we are currently considering the following four popular variations:

    • Chinese Mahjong is usually played with 136 rectangular pieces called tiles. 8 flower and season tiles can be added to the game making 144 tiles - this introduces a significant luck factor to the game - (known as British Rules).

    • Japanese Mahjong is played with 136 tiles. We use the RIICHI rules developed by the European Mahjong Association.

    • 3 player Japanese Mahjong is played with 108 tiles. This is an interesting variant of the 4 player Japanese game. The 2-8 of characters are removed from the game. The West wind acts as a joker like Season and Flower tiles.

    • 2 player Japanese Mahjong is played with 136 tiles. The idea is to get one tile away from Mahjong known as tenpai and then the other player gets two guesses to guess one of the final winning tiles to stop the win else the player checks the next five tiles and so on.

    Before playing mahjong, it is important to identify and understand each Mahjong tile. Players must also learn what the sets are before playing mahjong.

    If you enjoy playing card games like rummy or other set collecting games then this group is a must for you.

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