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The Palo Alto Camera Club was founded in 1935, but has only recently joined Meetup.

This is a group for anyone interested in photography with a desire to improve their skills. All skill levels are welcome. Some of us just got a new camera and want to learn how to use it and how to make better images. Some of us have some photography experience and want feedback on our images from others and want to learn more about various techniques for improving our images. The purpose of this meetup is to invite local photographers to enjoy our educational events and join as a member through our website ( http://www.pacamera.com ) .

You don't have to be a member of the official Palo Alto Camera Club itself to attend any of these events listed here on Meetup but you do need to be an official member of PACC to enter our competitions and compete. For more information you can visit pacamera.com.

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Paper Selection for Printing and Other Considerations by Charles Cramer

Charles Cramer, master of photography and printmaking will discuss paper selection and other techniques to make your print images stronger and more compelling. A friend of Ansel Adams, Charles worked with and learned from Ansel for many years. He was one of the first landscape photographers to work with the digital darkroom, recognizing the computer as a means to control color and realize his artistic interpretation of the scene. The end goal of Charles’ photography has always been to make beautiful prints and that is evident in his work. Many of his large-format color photographs are from Yosemite and the Southwest, but his portfolio consists of stunning images from Hawaii, the east coast, Antarctica and other areas. http://www.charlescramer.com/ "Charlie is one of America’s greatest living landscape photographers, an artist whose poetic vision of colour in the western landscape has inspired thousands of fans, collectors, students and photographers...Joe Cornish of Joe Cornish Galleries, North Yorkshire

Digital Judge Commentary

Rinconada Library

This meeting is the same as a regular Digital Competition but without assigning awards to images. In other words, the judge will perform the commentary on images as he or she would do in a Digital Competition but will not then rank the images. This will allow more time for the commentary and we will announce both the image title as well as the maker when an image is shown rather than withholding the maker name till after the review. This will then allow the judge to interact with the maker during the commentary. For these sessions, all images will be considered as being in the "Open" category. As always you will be allowed to enter up to 3 images. For technical reasons, we will use one category for each priority. All images in “Special Category 1” will be reviewed in random order, regardless of assigned priority. As time permits, we will move on to all the images in “Special Category 2” in random order regardless of priority. And, if time still permits we will then review the images in “Special Category 3” in random order regardless of priority. Entries will be accepted online the same as for Digital Competitions. Only PACC club members may submit images. Everyone is welcome to attend the event. The judge is Carmin Eliason. Club Announcements will start around 6:45 but the actual commentary on images will not start before 7:00. Please be sure to complete your submissions by 11:59 pm. The Monday before the meeting. See: http://pacamera.com/preparing-digital-images/ for a how to prepare digital images for competitions. Go to: http://pacamera.com/pacc-competition-hub/ to submit entries. See the club website (https://pacamera.com/) for updated information. Dan Hartford Digital Chair, Palo Alto Camera Club

Digital Competition: Open, Landscape, Travel, Dramatic Weather

Once a month, the Palo Alto Camera Club holds a competition night for paying PACC members. The public is also invited but, however, may not participate in the competition. Club competitions are a good option to improve your photography skills, get feedback from a judge, and get ideas from peer members. It's also a good forcing event to get images done on a regular schedule. Images are discussed and then ranked by a guest judge during the competition night meeting with all club members. The categories for this month’s digital competition are: 1. Open, 2. Landscape, 3. Travel, and 4. Dramatic Weather. The special theme for the evening is “Dramatic Weather" where dramatic weather is either the primary subject or mood of the image. If you are a club member and want to participate, you can upload the image files for your prints by 11:59 pm the Monday before the competition. Use this link: http://pacamera.com/pacc-competition-hub/ For a definition of the standard categories, see: http://pacamera.com/competition-categories/ For instructions to prepare digital images for competitions, see: http://pacamera.com/preparing-digital-images/ For more information about our club competitions, see: http://pacamera.com/pacc-competitions/ Dan Hartford Digital Chair, Palo Alto Camera Club

Photoshop Workshop

Rinconada Library

Join us for an interactive workshop on Adobe Photoshop. These sessions will focus on image editing tasks that are more effectively done in Photoshop than in Lightroom. This month's topic is TBD. For this and any future Photoshop sessions, you're invited to email me suggestions for things you'd like covered. For more information please go to http://pacamera.com/ Joe Petolino Print Chair, Palo Alto Camera Club

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Print Competition: Open, Portrait, Flora, Recently Shot

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