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A foundational element of innovation in today’s app-driven world is the API. From banks, retail and transportation to IoT, autonomous vehicles and smart cities, APIs are a critical part of modern mobile, SaaS and web applications and can be found in customer-facing, partner-facing and internal applications.

APIs expose application logic and sensitive data and become target for attackers. API Security focuses on strategies and solutions to understand and mitigate the unique vulnerabilities and security risks. APIs represent a significantly different set of threats, attack vectors, and security best practices.

In this session we’ll discuss:

What makes API Security different from web application security

The top 10 API security vulnerabilities

Mitigation strategies with examples

Tips to developers to secure API

Speaker Bio :
Kavitha Venkataswamy is leading Application Security efforts at MacysTech focused on SSDLC process, threat modeling, security awareness and training, tools automation and security testing efforts. Having a strong developer background makes her to adopt and focus on empathy when working in security, believing to grow stronger teams and protect our companies and communities. OWASP member and volunteer/Speaker in community events advocating diversity in cyber industry.