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An entrepreneurial hub for the city, in the city.

Packard Place is the hub of like-minded entrepreneurs sharing skills and business opportunities in Charlotte. Serving as a community center for entrepreneurial activity in the heart of the city, it allows access to technology, education, and hands-on assistance to help business partners and start-ups design, build, market, and deliver innovation and solutions.


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Packard Place Public House: Unlearning with Kenneth Robinson and Andrew McKenna

****PLEASE REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE SO YOU CAN RECEIVE THE ZOOM JOIN LINK****** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/packard-place-public-house-unlearning-with-kenneth-and-andrew-tickets-149904848437

Please join us every 3rd Wednesday from 5:00-6:00pm for Packard Place Public House - Unlearning Series.

This week, we are pleased to welcome Kenneth Robinson and Andrew McKenna! Two very different men from very different backgrounds unified when they met in federal prison, and then formed a long-lasting friendship with each other. Kenneth and Andrew are eager to help you understand and unlearn the stereotypes about formerly incarcerated people, and provide an insight on the struggle of re-entering society after being incarcerated. They will also be discussing how race played a big factor in their different experiences in and out of prison.

After being released back into society, both men went on to found "Freedom Fighting Missionaries" a non-profit organization that assists the formerly incarcerated and those who face barriers to self sufficiency due to a background. Freedom Fighting Missionaries Inc. worked to assist 72 individuals and 22 families with needs ranging from emergency housing, emergency healthcare, PPE, homelessness to permanent housing, bail support, court support and jail support. We are grateful to our thousands of donors who sustained us in the absence of any other support from government agencies or businesses.

Packard Place has decided to pivot our Public Houses into an Unlearning Discussion Event series. There is not enough proximity between people who aren’t alike, and because of that there is a lack of empathy and knowledge amongst each other.

With hosting these conversations, we hope to bridge the gap between those who do not look like, work in the same industry, come from the same socio-economic background, etc., and to bring awareness to the different experiences people endure in hopes of bringing the community together. We believe power and potential are derived through the collective strength of the community.

Virtual PitchBreakfast - June Pitch Event

Online event

Join the virtual PitchBreakfast on June 9, 2021. Please register on Eventbrite at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pitchbreakfast-junevirtual-tickets-154751524977

We'll have our regular format of 3 companies who each get 5 minutes to pitch their business ideas (with slides) to our panel of experts. Our panelists will then have 10 minutes to provide feedback.

Following the pitchers, we'll have networking, so you can catch up with colleagues and ask the founders questions.

For startups looking to pitch, this is an amazing opportunity for:
-Seed-stage and series A level tech startups looking to raise a round of funding
-Early-stage tech startups looking for feedback on their local business model

Interested in pitching at a future PitchBreakfast? Apply on our website at www.pitchbreakfast.com/pitch.

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