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Summer Paint Dance and Microbrew Tasting Party - All Early Birds $9.95
Calling all Crazies! Imagine a large art studio full of fun and friendly people painting all over each other! Be a part of the Human Canvas Evolution! The next generation of Paint Dancing. Get your early bird tickets on Eventbrite for only $9.95! Microbrews, healthy drinks and small-batch sodas! This is a microbrew beer, small batch soda, and healthy drink tasting party! We are not providing beverages, so please bring your favorite delicious beverages to share with everyone. We will be pouring samples of everything! Imagine all the fun we will have with a large unique selection of quality beverages. Every little bit helps, but what we really want is your smile! EXPECT PAINT EVERYWHERE! This unique and crazy event has been packing the Warehouse with smiles for over 10 years! Everyone has always been so fun and friendly! Paint will be everywhere - on everyone! Be prepared to laugh the night away! THIS IS GOING TO BE A CRAZY NIGHT! The music at The Warehouse will be a fabulous selection of classic dance music. It will be greatly enhanced by our ultra megawatt sound system. We will throb your dancing body to the core! The Warehouse is a large ultra funky artist inspired venue for 50 guests! There will be a lot of room to dance and meet others. The 10' garage door will be open all night making it easy to step out into the fresh air and socialize under the stars. This is a fabulous event for singles! Please tell your friends :) HERE'S HOW THE HUMAN CANVAS EVENTS WORK! Put on a white shirt or visit the local thrift store and buy one for a dollar. It can be any kind of white shirt or t-shirt. Toss it on, come to the warehouse and let EVERYONE at the party paint on you like a Human Canvas! If you are really feeling adventurous, add white pants, hats, gloves, shoes, accessories, you name it. Feel free to wear as much white you like! :) LET'S DRESS EXTRA CRAZY ON THE EVE OF THE FREMONT FAIR! This is a family-friendly inspired event so please no nudity or drugs. Your custom painted clothing will be destined to become one of the favorites in your closet! HERE ARE A FEW IMPORTANT ITEMS ABOUT THE EVENT: 1. This event is for mature and thoughtful adults. Trust is the most valued attribute you can bring to the party. Think of it as both a family friendly and highly respectful environment when you draw on others. 2. We have high expectations for the men. We expect the men to bring their most gentlemanly behavior to the event and to treat the women (and each other) with a high level of respect and honor. 3. This event is for mature and thoughtful adults - You must be 21 or older to attend. 4. Tickets are 100% refundable until the day before the event) There are several Meetup and Facebook groups promoting this event. Everyone must sign up here to attend. This event is guaranteed to become the photo opportunity of a lifetime! Just grab something white and join-in on all the crazy fun of the Human Canvas Paint Dance! Add WHITE pants, dresses, skirts, hats, gloves, shoes, and hippie / bohemian accessories to spice things up! Get your early bird tickets on Eventbrite! Enthusiastically! Gasworks Gallery LOCATION: The Warehouse is located in the back entrance to Gasworks Gallery. The address is 3816 Latona Ave NE. Please come directly to the Latona address. The front Gasworks Gallery entrance on 4th will be locked. Thanks :) REGARDING PARKING: We have 4 parking areas on the same block as the warehouse and tons of street parking. Look for the signs that say: Gasworks Gallery Event Parking Only.

The Warehouse - Behind Gasworks Gallery

3816 Latona Ave NE · Seattle, WA

What we're about

Paint Dancing events are created so you can have fun openly expressing yourself in two different mediums - AT ONCE! That's Right! PAINTING and DANCING (at the same time). And, a portion of the proceeds helps support local food banks.

Watch some Paint Dancing videos on YouTube:

We supply the non-toxic paint, brushes, paper, and great music (Latin, Pop, Dance Hits, World, Rock, R&B, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop, Electronica and more). All you need are clothes to paint and move in, and your friendly, fun-loving, non-judgmental self.

Paint Dancing is a safe, supportive and fun way to express yourself. You don't need to know how to paint or dance to have a great time! And if you already love dancing or art-making, you can expand your creative energies through Paint Dancing.

Here's a King 5 video of us delivering 90,000 lbs of spuds and checks written to Northwest Harvest!

International Paint Dancing has spread to cities across the country and around the world, bringing diverse groups together for fun and self-expression, and supporting the efforts of to provide hunger relief.

Click "About Us" for more details about Paint Dancing in the Seattle region.


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