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The Massachusetts Plein Air Artists are artists, including photographers, who meet weekends year round in the environs of Massachusetts to paint, draw and photograph the outdoors. The moderator posts weekly where we are to meet and when. Typical plein air sites include fields, historic sites, lakes, ocean, saltmarsh, rivers, and hills, all accessible easily. All media (drawing, photography, pastels, oils, watercolor, etc.) are welcome as are all skill levels. Group size will be limited so to keep the outings informal, manageable, and friendly. Family members are welcome, although specific quiet rules apply. The culture of the group is supportive and non-critical. Membership is free and artists are under no obligation to attend outings.

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Weekly schedule, setting up one
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Nice weather is golden for this Meet UP Group. Let's set up a weekly time slot, say Saturday or Sunday mornings (perhaps alternating) at 10, and pick a series of locations and just do it. Not every date will fit into everone's schedule. We could start off with several that are easily accessible with some greenery. Boston and the near suburbs are loaded with great spots. A weekday time slot might work for some folks. I'll assist Michael with this effort, if there is interest.

Halibut Point, Rockport, MA
Needs a date and time

Halibut Point State Park


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