palinQA workshops: Mob Testing (CRAFT Edition)

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The fantastic CRAFT ( is happening again this year which gives various Meetups in town the opportunity to invite speakers from around the world.

This time palinQA will be having a special CRAFT Edition workshop event with a great guest facilitator. You will learn more about a fun way of testing which improves collaboration by practising several testing skills and knowledge sharing.

Llewellyn Falco ( (Agile Coach, Creator of ApprovalTests, Legacy Code Expert)

Mob Exploratory Testing Workshop

Exploratory testing is a learning­ intensive style of testing. It’s time to amp up our skills by learning from one another, and learn in a mob. With mob testing, the whole group works on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer. With a specific communication style called Strong­style pairing, it connects the group of brilliant minds on a shared experience. Facilitated by an expert, it makes a great mechanism for building habits and transferring skills over passing knowledge.

In this workshop, we will work on:

• Building the good habits of skilled exploratory testing, layer by layer through creating shared learning experiences in a mob format;

• Different types of testing tasks as a group: from analyzing a user interface to analysing an individual feature; from relying on requirements documentation to free associations; from focusing on coverage to focusing on understanding problems; from user interface to peeking at the code; and from focusing on testing to focusing on teamwork dynamics.

We will set the room up to two main roles: the mob and the observers in the fashion shown in the picture below. Observers can rotate into the mob and throughout the session play a significant role in regular retrospectives distilling learnings. Don't be afraid, you will not need technical skills to join the mob:

Join in to experience personally how exploratory testing is different from traditional testing and collect ideas to amplify your testing. With exploratory testing, we make best possible use of our limited time with intelligent testing that delivers results!

Why should you join this workshop?

● Improve collaboration skills in paired and grouped hands ­on work

● Improve testing habits and skills through immersing into actual testing facilitated by an expert.

Short agenda of this meetup:
18:00 - Venue opens gates
18:30 - Workshop starts
20:00 - Workshop ends, Food and beverages arrive, Networking

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