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What we’re about

The church needs to return to the way it was in the beginning--plenty of power and plenty of holiness, along with a healthy fear of God.  We are learning that God is ready to do signs and wonders--He is just waiting for people to pray with faith.

As God's people pray for His will to be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven, God is able to move and do what He wants to do.

We seek to bring God's children together to pray, to worship, and to share God's love with others.  Together we can do amazing things.

God is restoring healing to His people.  We see people healed every Saturday at the Restoration Bridge food distribution in the Good Shepherd back parking lot.  If you need healing, feel free to come and ask for prayer.  If you want to learn to pray for the sick, get in touch with a group organizer and we can help you get started.

We would like prayer meetings happening all over Palm Beach County all week long.  If you would like to organize a prayer meeting, please suggest a meetup to our group moderators.