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Pangu Shengong Group Practice
*Note: Must take Moving Form class first in order to partake in this subsequent group practice* Students of the Pangu Shengong Moving Form are invited to join the Raleigh Pangu community for free group practice on Wednesdays midday. This group practice will consist of two moving forms (30-35) minutes total and a group energy circle. Practicing as a group is a good way to strengthen your own practice and clarify any questions you might have. The strengthening of your own Qi, heart, and soul are most important for a successful practice. For more discussion of the philosophy and history of PGSG, please attend our Saturday group practices also. Qi Gong is perhaps as old as Chinese culture itself. Throughout its complex history, Chinese culture has employed Qi Gong as medicine, warfare, for an increase memory and intelligence, and as a way to reach transcendent, ecstatic states of being to commune with the Divine. The unique foundation of Pan Gu Mystical Qi Gong ( is transmitted to the practitioner from the teacher, so the ability is present instantly and progress begins at once. The focus required for this Qi Gong is maintained by the Divine throughout the form without interruption. The results are often miraculous. If you are interested in a strong and healthy body, a clear, alert and tranquil mind, and a spirit aligned with the Divine, then we invite you to join us in this unique experience!

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What we're about

Heaven, Earth, Humanity in Harmony

This meetup is a way to bring locals of the triangle together to learn about Life Force energy through Pangu Shengong (Qi Gong), Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation.

A synopsis of Pangu Shengong theory is:

The principle of properly conducting oneself in society and the key of exercising Pangu Shengong is achieved through adhering to the philosophy of: “To take kindness and benevolence as basis, to take frankness and friendliness to heart.” Thus, this maxim serves as the "password" to enter this discipline.

The philosophy on the way of treating others and dealing with affairs is: “To speak with reason, to treat with courtesy, to act with emotion, and to accomplish result.”

"Harmony of heaven, earth, and humanity" suggests that relationships among all things in the universe, including relationships between human and human, human and matter, and matter and matter, are "coexisting relatively, tolerating each other then becoming stable, being harmonious then resonant."

“To turn mystery into reality and to transform complexity into simplicity.”

We are eager to share our combined knowledge of Pangu Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation to bring our local community a boost of long-term health and well-being with this beautiful and efficient form of life force cultivation.

Classes and events vary and might include: Pangu Mystical Qi Gong (moving,
non-moving and healing forms), Pangu Yoga, Pangu Tai Chi, Meditation infused with Pangu healing energy, and Free Saturday morning and Wednesday Qi Gong group practice, and Pangu Retreats.

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