Elizabeth Ramirez on Transition Matrix Estimation


Note that this meetup has MOVED from Two Sigma to Microsoft Reactor at 11 Times Square (42nd and 8th)! You _must_ have your real name on your account _and_ provide a photo ID at the entrance to attend, per the venue rules.


Elizabeth Ramirez will be presenting the paper "Transition Matrix Estimation in High Dimensional Time Series" (http://proceedings.mlr.press/v28/han13a.pdf).

About the Paper:

The state-transition matrix $A$ is a matrix you use to propagate the state vector over time, i.e. $x_{t+1} = Ax_{t} + Bu$. It usually comes from the equations that describe the system, but if you don’t know the dynamics of your system or the system is stochastic, this matrix has to be estimated. This paper presents multiple methods to estimate this matrix for high-dimensional VAR time series.



Elizabeth Ramirez is an Electrical Engineer and Applied Mathematician. I'm an Applied Scientist at Descartes Labs, where I solve very large linear systems that model complex systems, like transportation. https://twitter.com/eramirem


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After Elizabeth's presentation, we will open up the floor to discussion and questions.

**Talks are always recorded on video and released ~2 weeks after the meetup.**

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