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Lightning Round!

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Andrew G. and 4 others
Lightning Round!


**Note that this meetup has MOVED to Datadog at 620 8th Ave (across from Port Authority)!

You must have your real name on your account and provide a photo ID at the entrance to attend, per the venue rules.**


We've got a special edition of Papers We Love tonight as we round up a gang of speakers for Lightning Talks! Each speakers will present for 15 - 20m on a topic dear to their heart related to computers. We're still filling out the list of talks but you can see some of them below:

  • Talk: Approximation Algorithms for Lawn Mowing and Milling -

Catherine Holloway almost completed a PhD in experimental quantum optics at the University of Waterloo's Institute for Quantum Computing but dropped out to work at a few robotics and quantum computing startups. She currently lives in Manhattan and is an SRE at Bloomberg.

  • Talk: Branch Prediction and the Performance of Interpreters - Don't Trust Folklore (Erven Rohou, Bharath Narasimha Swamy, André Seznec, 2015).

Max Marrone is a recent computer science graduate whose other interests include aviation and design. He aspires to someday be able to transfer laundry from the washer to the dryer without accidentally dropping wet clothing all over the dirty floor

  • Talk: The Sensitivity Conjecture Solved!

Homin Lee has a PhD in computational learning theory, and is currently a data scientist at Datadog.

  • Talk: Flipping Bits in Memory Without Accessing Them: An Experimental Study of DRAM Disturbance Errors (Yoongu Kim, Ross Daly, Jeremie Kim, Chris Fallin, Ji Hye Lee, Donghyuk Lee, Chris Wilkerson, Konrad Lai, Onur Mutlu) -

Andrew Gross graduated with a degree in Applied Physics and the knowledge that he did not want to pursue a career in it. He currently lives in Queens and works as a Staff Engineer at YipitData.



620 8th Ave, 45th Floor
New York, NY 10018 USA


Talks are always recorded on video and released ~2 weeks after the meetup.

We hope that you'll read some of the papers and references before the meetup, but don't stress if you can't. If you have any questions, thoughts, or related information, please visit #pwlnyc ( on slack (, our GitHub repository (, or add to the discussion on this event's thread.

620 8th Ave · New York, NY
30 spots left