Naples, FL

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Sep 9, 2016


I am newly single and enjoying life. I am looking to make fun friends to goof around with and just have fun. Being active through exercising is a great way to meet people who are also looking for fun that isn't always centered around bars. :)

What type of activites do you enjoy and what Paradise Events would you like to attend?

I am a water girl. I love water sports and being around water. I also love snow skiing, hiking, traveling, among other things. Activities that I enjoy? I would love to attend volleyball, pickelball, trivia nights, poker parties, and get togethers on the Naples Water Taxi.

Single , Married , or Committed Relationship?

Newly single and looking for good, fun friends.

How long have you lived in SW Florida?

Most of my life.

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What's your hometown/state?

Naples, Florida