What we're about

The original idea behind this group was to bring together people with similar belief systems, experiences, interests and theories in Paranormal, Extraterrestrial, Ufology & Other Unexplained Phenomenon and Strangeness. This group is one of the oldest Meetup groups in Adelaide, being one of the first 20 groups that was formed over 10 years ago when Meetups started. We've seen members come and go with friendships made and many topics of the unusual and bizarre shared to enthusiastic ears. I'm Steven Q, the creator and organizer of this group and my personal Website is accessible from this link: http://www.theworldaccordingtostevenq.com/

The topics we at the X-Group discuss range from Tarot to UFOs and a few of the discussed subjects are: Ghosts & Spirits, Time Travel, Crop Circles, Orwellian Control, Past Life Experiences, Aliens & Alien Intervention of our Species, Past Civilizations, ESP and many, many more unusual and perplexing mysteries that have baffled the curious over the millenniums. Many of our members are very experienced in their interests or fields and welcome questions and/or give advice or direction freely. Our related sister group "The Adelaide Hills Ancient Aliens & Human Origins Meetup and Discussion Group" is a separate spin-off group and is accessible through this link : http://www.meetup.com/Ancient-Aliens-Human-... (http://www.meetup.com/Ancient-Aliens-Human-Origins-Meetup/)

Our "Discussion Forums" have an abundance of information, links and comments from group members and reading through them will keep you entertained and busy for days. These forums are for members only and hidden from anyone outside the group so they're basically private and viewable to fellow "X Groupers" only. We also encourage activity in them as well and many interesting topics and links have been shared and discussed from discussions in them and you'll also find reading through them is a fantastic way of getting familiar with the characteristics and personality traits of some of the members before coming to a meetup.

We're a very social group and many friendships have been formed due to this. We do have a few conditions to membership which the main one being that you need to be 18 or over to join. This is important as we meet in a pub environment and will not take any responsibility for minors who join falsifying their age. The second condition is that we are a "Meetup" group and we "Do" actually "Meet". This means that once you've joined, we'd expect you to come to our Meetups as we do by definition "Meetup", or, at least be active in our forums.

Our Meetups are set for the 3rd Wednesday of each month, however, we also have group excursions planned from time to time, where a few of us will meet to attend a convention, movie or other group outing (these are always loads of fun :-)

We welcome anyone who has an interest in our topics and hope to meet you soon to share our collective knowledge on these interesting and exciting subjects :-)

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