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This group is for everybody who is ethnically Indian and lives in California.

And this group is for SINGLES only (all ages). Make new friends, expand your friend's circle, find a date, and more!

Upcoming events (5+)

Shanti Ashrama ( Annual )

Shanti Ashrama

*** we owe a visit to this place, as we are enjoying it's fruits today. *** This Ashrama has historical importance as the very first place in the West where Swami's of Ramakrishna Mission were stationed. This place is preserved and opens once in an year. You need to bring your own lunch and water. Recommend carpooling. A full day trip in the wilderness and journey back into history. Detailed history at: https://sfvedanta.org/the-society/history/shanti-ashrama-history/ :Shanti Ashrama History: The Beginning Swami Vivekananda, 1900 During his first visit to the West, Swami Vivekananda (Swamiji) had often spoken of the need in America for a Vedantic ashrama or retreat. But it was not until early in 1899, when a student of Swami Abhedananda’s renounced the world and received the brahmacharya name of Gurudas, that the need became real. When it was discussed in the New York Society, of which Swami Abhedananda was in charge, another of his students, Miss Minnie C. Boock, offered a solution. She possessed, it so happened, a homestead in Santa Clara County, California, that had been issued to her some eight years earlier by President Harrison, and that contained, according to the Official Plat of the Survey, “one hundred and fifty-nine acres and eighty-nine hundredths of an acre.” Swami Atulananda This property could, she thought, serve the purpose of an ashrama. “It had its disadvantages,” Swami Atulananda (formerly Cornelius J. Heijblom, then Gurudas), later wrote; “it was fifty miles from the nearest railway station and market, but it would do to begin with. It would be solitary anyhow. And she very generously offered this place to Swami Vivekananda.” On June 25, 1900, when Swamiji was in New York, Miss Minnie Boock formally deeded her homestead to him, “to have and to hold,” the record reads . . . “in trust, for the general use and benefit of the Vedanta School of Philosophy.” Thus the first Vedanta retreat in the Western world officially came into being. Swami Turiyananda, 1901 In June 1900, Swamiji wrote that, “It (Shanti Ashrama) would be nice for a summer gathering for us in California, if friends like to go there now I will send them the written authority. Will you write to Mrs. Espinol [Aspinall] and Miss Bell, etc. about it. I am rather desirous it should be occupied this summer as soon as possible. There is only a log cabin on the land, for the rest they must have tents. I am sorry I can not spare a Swami yet.” In the meanwhile Swamiji asked Swami Turiyananda, to whom he had already assigned the California work, to establish the ashrama. “It is the will of the Divine Mother that you should take charge of the work there,” Swamiji told him. Swami Turiyananda smiled, “Mother’s will? Rather say it is your will. Certainly you have not heard the Mother communicate Her will to you in this matter.” But Swamiji grew grave. “Yes, brother,” he said, “If your nerves become very fine, then you will be able to hear Mother’s words directly.” He spoke with such fervor that Swami Turiyananda’s doubts were stilled. Even as a year or so earlier he had agreed, out of love for Swamiji, to come to America, so he now agreed to try to establish a retreat in far-off California.

Kayaking at Shoreline lake (Mountain View)

Shoreline Lake Park

Let's go for kayaking. We will gather together at 3 pm, and start kayaking at 3:30 pm. You can rent the single kayak (costs $23/hr). Venue - 3160 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043 It is ok if you never did kayaking before. This is good place to start learning. It is suggested you wear a cap and sun glass.

Meet and greet dinner at PF Chang's, Sunnyvale

P.F. Chang's

Meet and greet dinner Casual dinner for everyone to have a good time Dress code: Venue does not enforce a dress code, so wear casual or semi-formal Paying for what you order: PLEASE BRING CASH (and pay for what you order :-) ) Depending on the number of attendees, the host (i.e., myself :-) ) would reserve tables. Individuals can order what they like from the menu and optionally share it as well. Please get pay cash for your check because restaurants may not accept a large number of credit cards See you all :-)

NetIP Happy Hour @ Bond in San Francisco

495 Geary St

NetIP (Network of Indian Professionals) invites you to join for the drink @ Bond bar in SF. Details - http://www.bondbarsf.com/ Venue -[masked]th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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