Parity & Friends January Meetup: Substrate, Görli testnet, Polkasource, Robotics


Join us for our January meetup and open mic at Ahoy! Berlin.

Building DApps with Substrate - Ben ( ) and Shawn ( ) from Parity will present the latest updates for building decentralised Apps directly into your own chain using the substrate development framework and module library. It will feature the latest documentation updates and materials to allow anyone to get started themselves and some outlook on what to expect throughout this year.

Dave Hoogendoorn will be making their public announcement on Polkasource, a new project that provides serviced RPC endpoints to selected Substrate-based networks on an architecture that allows for horizontal as vertical scaling. Polkasource’s mission is to provide reliable, simple and secure blockchain gateway services.

Aidan Hyman ( from Chainsafe will talk about Görli Testnet, a cross-client Proof-of-Authority Ethereum testnet created by the community.

Robotics on Substrate - Alisher Khassanov ( from Aira will present what they have done on Ethereum in 3 years, what applications in automation and robotics Aira considers Substrate feasible for, and how to use Robonomics Substrate to connect a robot.

We will also host an open mic for anyone who wants to present any projects they have been working on with Parity Substrate. We look forward to hearing what you have been up to!

Doors open at 19:00 and presentations begin at 19:30. We’ll have time for questions, discussion, and networking. As always, there will be pizza, beer, and soft drinks.


This event is organised by Parity Technologies. Some of what we're working on:

- Substrate, the blockchain-building framework:

- Polkadot, an interoperable network of blockchains for decentralised services and applications:

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