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This is a police service to provide security and protection, to make sure you don't get in the bad situation while dating..

Also provides a location to find people that you relate to well. Instead of having to go to the bar or whatever to find someone. You know how difficult that could be to find anybody. Almost every time you settle for something...

On a casual night. It's a guaranteed way to find them, at any moment you can meet a member online.. Your chances of finding someone you actually enjoy is possible. Not only that but you don't need the strain of going out, the stress of not knowing and the exhaustion of trying.

On our website. Which is currently under construction. Will be done in a few days. We have the profile of each member. Photographs so you see if you're attracted to them. Background checks. So it is unlike all other dating sites where anyone can join and you know nothing about them. We do background checks. Medical records. STD blood test. You know everyone is clean that is a member.. We also have much better questions so that you can relate to each other more than any dating site.

We have all kinds of fun activities and things to do.. That normally might not occur or come up, or happened in your dating life. We do activities. Parties. And remember it is a casual dating site. So parties can be really anything you want. Clothing optional.. we organize vacations. Camping trips.. We have parties like the Illuminati concepts. Or Playboy parties. Any other sort of situation like that you wish you could be a part of. Things that you may have thought of that most often never occur in common life.. Any ideas you have tell us and we can organize it and get it done for you. Because we are an organization you have someone to make these things available to you.. At your command. Any vacation any party or any concept you can come up with. Tell us and we'll do it for you..

We also arrange dates.. Tell us what you want, if you're not sure what to do. we'll make it perfect for you.. You don't have to worry about what to do, how to get it done, anything else that is going on with your date that distracts you, from each other.. everything is taken care of and serviced. So you do not have a single thing on your mind other than having a good time together...

Where the police of the dating scene...

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