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What we’re about

The Pasadena .NET Developers Group (formerly San Gabriel Valley .NET Developers Group) is an organization of software architects, developers and Microsoft .NET framework enthusiasts who want to learn, share, innovate, network and develop. The salient purposes of this organization are stated below: Microsoft.NET framework is a major advancement in the available software development platforms. Our main goal is to educate the group membership to fully utilize the potential of .NET framework and use its powerful features to build better software. Networking and Peer communication among developers is important for their professional growth. SGV.NET group meetings offer a centralized place for San Gabriel Valley .NET Developers to meet fellow people of the trade and collaborate. With the rapidly changing technology horizon, it is not easy to keep up with the cutting edge technologies out there. SGV.NET aims to provide concise, concrete and developer centric information from the source to minimize the transition and learning curve. To promote best practices in software architecture, design, development, security, maintenance and deployment. The user group was founded by Adnan Masood and Rob Walling in December 2005.