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PASCAL is the Portland Area Scientific and Cultural Advancement League, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded to serve the information security community, educate the interested and the under-served, and to provide a venue for related gatherings, events, and projects.

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Network Forensics: Seek and Pwn


PASCAL Hackerspace is proud to announce a new presentation series in which an experienced security researcher, Malcolm, will be guiding us through the intricacies of network forensics! The class will begin with a basic overview of what networks are; from conversations and snail mail to signal processing and radio operations (including ham radio!), ultimately leading into computer networks. We will review each aspect that comprises a network (paying special attention to protocols), how they function and eventually moving on to how they can be exploited! The focus will predominantly be on TCP/IP and the OSI model computer networks. Layers, abstraction and encapsulation will be covered as well as the various physical and data link layers of each model. Each of the TCP/IP and OSI layers will be explained in detail, with some extra special attention being paid to the Transport Layer and its packets! The end of the presentation will culminate in a hands-on workshop. Attendees will get assistance with installing Wireshark (if you do not already have it)- then proceed with live Network Forensics Seek and Pwn: capture, investigate, analyze! Malcolm is a threat researcher with a major networking and security company, and has been doing networking for way too long. He wants to help other hackers learn the wonderful and weird world of packets, and all the terrible things you can do with them.

Hack2Learn: Hackers, Assemble!

226 SE Madison St

Hack2Learn is a bi-monthly CTF (capture the flag) meetup hosted at PASCAL in Portland, OR. PASCAL is an organization of equal opportunity hackers, and we will be introducing you to various types of reverse engineering and binary challenges that you might face at any level, and at any time in the fields of information security and technology as a whole, for fun or profit. Hacker/Tech culture and community can sometimes be a bit (or a byte ^_^) off-putting, especially to those trying to figure out what exactly it is, what we are and what we do. During this meetup at PASCAL, we welcome n00bs with open arms! Never competed in a CTF challenge before? Never even heard of CTFs? Do you have a strong desire to learn & teach alongside peers? GOOD!! You will fit right in at Hack2Learn! For the next several Hack2Learn workshops, we will be taking a crack at Assembly-focused CTF (Capture The Flag) and reversing challenges, specifically microcorruption. MrDe4d will start by giving a short presentation on a particular aspect of the theory behind ASM (last time we talked about ISRs in MSP430 MCUs). The goal of the presentation prior to the challenge is to (hopefully) help everyone in attendance to gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Being able to gain control of system memory is a powerful skill, and is a gateway to understanding memory structure, how data is accessed and processed, how the OS, CPU and programs interface with one another and ultimately how to pwn. Throughout the series we will cover basic syntax, instructions, conditions, and more! As we dive deeper into each aspect of the challenges, we will continue to reiterate what has been covered with Assembly- we expect questions to be frequent and recurring. It is absolutely OK to ask the same thing more than once; PASCAL Hack2Learn is a friendly learning environment! H2L has two major goals: for everyone to capture the flags, and to learn to reverse. This is not a workshop focused on learning a tool (though we do use Cutter), rather it is designed to get attendees thinking logically, critically & to get everyone accustomed to being uncomfortable and not knowing the answer. As we will be focusing on microcorruption CTF challenges for the next several workshops, it is not necessary to have Cutter or any other debugger installed. Microcorruption has its own web based debugger that is very easy to learn and use! Questions? Email [masked] or get on the PASCAL Discord and interact with other PDX hackers (ask for invite).

Tools That Pwn: A Hacker Symposium


This Saturday at PASCAL we are offering a Hacker Symposium of sorts, featuring a few handy tools of the trade as well as two major frameworks often used in developing exploits and attacking systems or networks. We will be surveying several of the tools that are part of Kali, and easy to install on any Debian derived distro. It seems many folks, sometimes even the professionals already hip deep in the field of tech, are unaware of the power their packages wield! The wild hacker kidz at PASCAL are going to show you how to get started with packaged/pre-loaded tools like Burp Suite, Binwalk, Wireshark, Kismet and will also provide you with an overview of the Metasploit and Volatility frameworks. Come take your first step with Reverse Engineering at PASCAL using Binwalk! Excuse yourself and set up a proxy with Burp Suite! Breath deep and sniff packets with Kismet! Enjoy these puns and more, in person with Cylon and the rest of the misfit hackers of PDX! We will set aside time to answer questions, and hold demonstrations of each utility discussed. This is all about what YOU want to learn!! Questions? please email Cylon--> [masked]. PASCAL also has a Discord server as means of communication regarding upcoming events, news in infosec and memes (inquire within). If you RSVP and are no longer able to make it, please do take the time to change your RSVP so that someone else may attend, even if it is only an hour before! Thanks!

Build2Learn: Build It, And They Will Pwn.

Welcome to PASCAL Hackerspace's newest hands-on workshop: Build2Learn! The general idea of the Build2Learn twice-monthly sessions is to take several categories of tools, analyze their functionality, and re-implement them using your language of choice. The goal is not to present a tutorial. The goal is to have discussion around the process of breaking the problem down into specific use cases and requirements, i.e. tasks that can be more easily implemented. The core goal of programming is problem solving, the aim here is to facilitate and encourage this skill. There will be a focus on performing code review and encouraging people to demo their progress to the group. Session_0 will focus on the following: >Help individuals set up their development environment >Make sure that the git workflow is well understood >Help with a language selection Note: while there will not be any prescribed languages,we suggest either python or javascript. This is not to deter the use of other languages. Just to suggest that there may be more help available using something listed above. >Help users install git for their operating system >Help users create a github account and setup git to use it >Help users install language and tooling (if needed) >Help users install text editor and discuss the merits of different options For more information, please visit-https://randy5235.github.io/build2learn/ or view the current repository directly on Github here: https://github.com/randy5235/build2learn . The purpose of this repository is to provide a resource for documentation and source code for the Build2Learn session(s) at PASCAL Hackerspace. For questions regarding PASCAL Hackerspace and events hosted there in general, please email [masked]. For questions regarding Build2Learn, please reach out to Randy here on Meetup! He can be found here: https://www.meetup.com/members/10974695/

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Tools That Pwn: A Hacker Symposium


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