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Group Past Life Regression / Meet Your Spirit Guide

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Katie C.
Group Past Life Regression / Meet Your Spirit Guide



This event is for those interested in exploring past lives and gaining an understanding their multidimensional existence. During this event, I will take everyone through a past life regression exercise using Dolores Cannon's method, as well as a Meet Your Spirit Guide exercise if time permits.

To prepare, the best thing you can do is relax and come in a peaceful state. The more settled your mind, the easier the visualization will be. Some find it best to meditate for several days before and get movement in to benefit your body so you can get more out of the Meet-Up. We'll spend the first 20 minutes or so just getting to know the group and why everyone was drawn to the event, and then we'll jump in once everyone feels acclimated to the space. All you have to do is set an intention for what you'd like to get out of the event, and then let go of all expectations (that's the tricky part).

How to send the $20 payment:
Venmo @ktfromchicago
Cash (just send me a message, if that's what you plan on doing)

What to bring:
A journal and pen
Favorite throw blanket (optional)
Eye Mask (optional)
Water Bottle/Tea Mug (optional)

What's Provided:
Past Life Regression
Meet your Spirit Guide Exercise
Tea and Reverse Osmosis Water
Extra pens and paper
Eyes Masks

This will take place in my home within 5 minutes of Chipotle in Loveland NOT AT CHIPOTLE. Since this is in my private residence, I will provide the address once your RSVP is confirmed the day of or day before the event. If you've already sent payment but need to cancel your RSVP, please reach out before the event. I can refund it if it's greater than 24 hour notice or roll it over to the next event if less than 24 hour notice. No-shows will not receive a refund, so please RSVP responsibly to consider those on the waitlist.

For those who are interested in learning more, I have a sample Quantum Healing Hypnosis session loaded onto my website that includes a past life regression. QHHT sessions go much deeper than group exercises and because of that we can interact with your subconscious/superconscious/higher self to get answers to your questions and request healing. These sessions are often profound and life-changing providing people with not only a sense of direction but also a clearer connection with their intuition afterwards.

*I strive to create a safe environment where each attendee feels supported and not judged for their unique beliefs and opinions. Please be aware that everyone is in a different place in their spiritual journey, and that what is shared may not reflect the opinions of Connected From Within. So take what you like, and leave what you don't. I just ask that you assist in that goal by being supportive and encouraging of others in attendance.

Also, be aware I am not a doctor and these events are not considered medical treatment. These events may provide you insight and positively impact your life, but they are not designed to replace proper medical care.

COVID-19 safety measures

Event will be indoors
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
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Awakening through Consciousness Exploration
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