PDX-UX February Meetup

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Thanks again for those of you who attended the last Meetup in October. For February we're going to try something different. The feedback I received when I surveyed members included a focus on designers entering the field.

So let's do a [private] portfolio review! I'd like to have a few senior designers (in hiring roles?) serve as reviewers and those who want someone to look at their portfolio to sign up for a review. We'll plan to team a pair of experienced designers with designers seeking feedback to sit down (privately) and receive constructive feedback.

Link to the portfolio review signup (volunteer reviewers and designers seeking feedback):

Also, Chris Martuza will be presenting with a talk about gaining and maintaining buy-in from stakeholders entitled, "Keeping your friends close and your stakeholders closer: Building trust early and often."

Chris has been a web developer for 7 years and a UX designer for 3 years. He also writes, directs, and produces promotional and narrative videos. He's currently freelancing as a multimedia developer after spending the last 5 years as UX Lead at CollegeNET. Chris holds a BA in Creative Writing from the College of Santa Fe.

(I'm still looking for 1-2 speakers to provide a short presentation on a design topic of your choice. 10-15 minute presentation, plus Q+A). Message me if interested.

See you later this month!