So, we've been so lucky in that our winter first Thursday group turnout has been pretty good. Let's have dumplings this time! It's got good reviews on Yelp and the location is awesome-right near Floating World/Compound/Backspace/Butters and a host of other great art venues. I've found that going out as a whole large group to view art has been a little tricky, so I really recommend for this one that you come alone and meet 2 or 3 with whom you'd like to do a little sight-seeing. I'm not going to pre-arrange this part, that's the fun!

For future events, I'd like to keep this format, that it's a meet/eat/greet from 6:30-8p and then everyone can go off to see art in different places. If you don't want to be on your own, no one's going to leave you stranded, don't worry! I would think at least until 8:30, the chatting can continue, whether at Goot Taste or in one of the galleries. After that, the event will be officially 'concluded', though if anyone has afterparty ideas, we're all ears!

I'd love for people to come back and report some positive experiences; with people, food or the venue(s).

See you soon one way or another!


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