Real World HTML5, CSS3, Javascript -- All API Driven

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The dream of web services lies in deploying rich web applications without having to render anything on a server first. You don't need Wordpress, Ruby on Rails, or any complex deployments to deliver powerful and sexy interactive experiences. You just need a bit of Javascript, and a lot of CSS.
This is walkthrough of a real production app composed entirely of static resources (html pages, css, javascript) with NO SERVER CODE, other than the APIs it talks to.

This is a true separation-of-concerns architecture, and we learned a lot by developing this.

How to use Compass/SASS to quickly generate CSS* How we used Middleman to write our HTML using SLIM Using some HTML5 tricks to make layout simple How we render everything on the fly using HTML templates (Handlebars) What is backwards compatible, and what gracefully degrades Really, REALLY sexy page transitions (ala github file browsing) using CSS3 (and a bit of Javascript) How we made everything work on mobile devices with almost no work at all Why we designed everything this way in the first place, and why you should too This meetup with feature snacks, provided again by Vitamin T, and more (better) book giveaways!