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Odd how no one actually UNDERSTANDS anything current demise gloom and doom of all humanity. NO ONE has a clue WHY GOD procreated them FIRST at top of in YELLOW   I return to HEAVEN soon unable to motivate ANYONE to actually PROTECT keith duncans life and be PAID by joining and board of most trusted DIRECTORS.

770-377-2106 also left behind. Keith Duncan. Gods Purpose is to share state of the art technology to solve any local community issues with Town Hall Forum sharing groups.
Everyone must start their own Community groups as we have provided the HOW-to host so each village works on Next Best Collective Cooperative project at one time.
Each event is set by group leaders decision of Agenda so group will fast path work on building new infrastructure such as parks, free med clinics, state of the art education technology, working on top local issues by community agreements and efforts. is our authored HOW to create a world free of paper, free of corrupt individuals at top and middle levels, and how to advance the human race at each village level by decentralizing the authority and assets of those who do CARE, SERVE, and PROTECT each other. is the universal generation to make all our efforts pay off dividends and rewards to each separate group directly.

Direct International Headquarters is +1 (770)377-2106, 24x7, backup Mobile +1 (725)200-7683

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