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[Virtual] People of Color Code and Chill

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Byron W.


• Our Goal
Our goal for this virtual coding hangout is to provide a space for developers of color to be able to code, network, collaborate and ask for help with their projects. All of our events will be virtual for the foreseeable future but we do plan to get back to hosting in-person events when it's safe to do so.

• What we'll do
You will join your fellow software developers for a virtual hangout! We'll have introductions, a space for networking and a space to ask for help with your current coding project or exercise. During introductions, everyone will have a chance to talk about what project(s) they've been working on lately and inform the group what they'll be working on for the day. Everyone will also have the opportunity to ask for assistance with their coding projects and/or ask if anyone is interested in collaborating with them on their project.

• Important to know
POC Code and Coffee is dedicated to maintaining a harassment free work space. Regardless of race, gender, physical appearance, religion, disabilities or choice of IDE's. We do not tolerate harassment of meetup participants. If a participant is involved in harassing behavior, said member will be asked to leave the meetup. Please show respect to everyone in attendance of our events. Thank you!

• How the zoom rooms will be structured
Hangout room - This room will be for just chatting, networking and general discussion. We encourage anyone to bring topics they would like to discuss or just hangout and chill while you write code.

Pair programming room - This room will be dedicated to pair programming. If you need help with your project or wish to help others with their project(s), we encourage you to join this room!

Language/Framework Rooms - When we have multiple people who are learning and/or working in the same language, they'll have the opportunity to create their own breakout rooms for discussing this language. We will try to accommodate as many requests for these rooms as we can.

• Schedule
Introductions start around 6:15pm
Second set of introduction for late comers @ 7:00pm
Coding and collaborating from 6:45 - 8pm

People of Color Code
People of Color Code
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