What we're about

The purpose of pepelwerk Dallas is to bring companies hiring, educators and the next generation of Talent together to change the way we approach our work life. Each event has a set program to hire, teach and connect.

Companies hiring for entry level to specialist jobs in variety of industries. Marketing jobs, Tech - Software Development Jobs, Tech- Hardware and Devices Jobs, Healthcare Jobs, Sales Jobs, Trade Jobs, Energy Jobs, People and Human Resource Jobs and others please see our website for full list.

Talent who are just getting into the working world or tenured specialist with a specific set of skills are great members for this group. You want own your time when it comes to work and want to match with direct hire jobs and meet the people at the company. For young adults, we want you to learn how to build relationships to navigate the working world. For tenured specialist, we want you to connect with jobs based on your skills and abilities.

Educators who teach courses to help prepare Talent for the future work are invited to all of our events. Weather you teach a specific course or your one course is part of a degree or certificate, we want to get to know you and more importantly want you to get matched with interested learners.

NOTE: There are some events specifically for parents of young adults 16-22 years age of age to meet and build relationships with other Real World of Work program participants parents.

This group and all pepelwerk events are meant to bring a human engaging experience into how we all work get work, keep work and stay prepared for the future of work.

If you want to be a pepelwerk Ambassador in your local market, go to our website to find out how.

pepelwerk is a tech company that promotes social change through our work. We are not a staffing or recruiting firm.

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