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The Personal Development Club is for those who are serious about living good lives; discovering and achieving their highest potential. Members offer and receive support from allied friends and associates who are similarly motivated to bring out the best in themselves and others. Sharing information from development books and wide variety of related sources aid the mission to improve and advance intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Activities will include meet ups that emphasize cordial relations and good communication about development in a wide variety of contexts. A mutual self help group that seeks to promote the best interests of its members and those they care most about or serve in any capacity, including patients, clients and customers.

Formal presentations from members and guests motivated to share key ideas are welcomed. Other modalities such as nature walks, picnics and attending public events together are also on the table. Input from group members about how to best move this group forward is always welcomed and weighed.

For many, the following slogan holds true: "As you grow, so does your income". Reading, listening to and viewing edifying material such as Scripture, Spiritual Reading, Self Help Books, Nonfiction, carefully selected Fiction, Textbooks, Newspapers, Magazines, Trade and Discipline Specific Journals and many other sources INCREASE OUR AWARENESS, CAPACITY AND COMPETENCE. SHARING your best ideas and insights as well as those from other sources helps fellow group members on their challenging journeys! The origins of this group was a self help book club with a commitment to self improvement -- and that best of that legacy should be continued!

We all want to make more money. When money comes in because we are adding value to the lives of others we serve. To make a lot of money mindlessly without the process serving the best interest of the customer and humanity at large, is at best self deception and a waste of more than one person's time. Of course we need to support ourselves and preferred options are not always immediately evident. We want to make money in ways that fulfill our purpose and destiny. The self development group is akin to a mastermind group in that we want to add value -- we also need to have the courage and humility to receive support from others in the right context.


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