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London Self Help, Self Improvement & Personal Development Meetup is for people who are on a journey of self-discovery personal transformation and wellness. This the sister meetup Group to Love Yourself Anyway Emotional Wellness & personal growth programs. http://www.loveyourselfanyway.com

Hi, I am Della Michelle Founder of the London Self Help, Self Improvement & Personal Growth Meetup. I create and facilitate Life-changing Workshops, Masterclasses, and Retreats, that move YOU into action. I am in awe of human potential and our ability to transform our lives when we are ready to change and improve our lives. That's why I am committed to delivering empowering events that help you in your personal transformation and wellness journey. Wellness is a daily commitment to caring for yourself, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Start today, do one thing that moves you closer to where you want to be in Your Life and life's .

You can expect life-changing masterclasses and courses online & offline in the following topics

​​Build a positive and growth mindset

Change your habits, transform your life

Overcoming Negative Self Talk & Taming the inner critic

How to navigate procrastination in Work and Life

Journaling for self-improvement, personal growth and stress relief

Managing Fear, self-doubt and self-sabotage

Mirror Technique for self-esteem and confidence

Burnout & Stress Management in the Workplace

Self-love, self-compassion and acceptance

Emotional Wellness & Self Care

Mindful Visioning and Goal setting

What it takes to cultivate Happiness

Mindful Parenting

And more........​

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