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What we’re about

With every thought and action,

you affect yourself, your world, and your future!

Happiness and success involves understanding how we can decide on our vision for the future, stick with those decisions, and improve our confidence in actions towards our goals and passions in life. Our brains constantly change & grow in response to new thoughts. Exercise, diet, and our habits will affect who we are tomorrow. 

Join others to participate and develop, confidently controlling your life & your destiny:

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(watch the video and continue to read more below our group)

This group has events designed to better understand ourselves, improve ourselves, and enjoy pursuing our lives. Additional materials are being made available to members, such as worksheets, guides, and videos. Discover the latest research, combined in synergy, to support a balanced and workable lifestyle. 

Learn about connecting your passions with your actions, allowing a positive strategy for the adventure of life. There is no cost to join at this time.

If you are motivated by any of the following, you should consider joining:

  • Self-improvement, confidence improvement, personal growth
  • How fitness improves our lives: desire to understand mind-body connection
  • Confidence: in social situations & romantic pursuits, in personal & business efforts, and in our actions
  • desire to understand biology, diet, and environmental interactions for our overall wellness.
  • enjoy "flow" in life's activities
  • understanding focus, willpower, and motivation
  • brain plasiticity - the power to change our minds and ourselves
  • meditation - calmness & balance in thought
  • social & networking gatherings of like-minded people to explore mind & health
  • being limitless in pursuit of all that inspires us
  • life planning, blueprinting, setting vision, goals
  • understanding how our minds may deceive our perceptions, and using that constructively
  • lowering stress and increasing positive mindset

The topics will continue to expand in the details of how this all interacts.

(Note: If you are thinking of or associated with the following, DO NOT JOIN:

* desire to sell mlm, network marketing, or similar schemes

* religious discussion and religious conversion, evangelizing

* online or offline personal attacks on the character of others )

Events are posted here on, and will also be at time on other sites, such as Facebook. The focus is on:

  • understanding ourselves
  • improving ourselves
  • passionately pursuing our lives
  • encouraging others

To join the group, clicking on the "Join Us!" button on the right side of this page now.

Sites we have discussed or had recommended:

Online courses: (including the free habits course featured on

and for the New Year... -

Let us know if you have recommendations on topics or sites to discuss!