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Do you need some motivation, inspiration, and empowerment to become better and transform into your best self? Then this group is for you.

Short and meaningful events to help you learn the right knowledge and skill to transform into your best self and to reach your full potential.

Events and support groups with topics of self-esteem, self-confidence, empowerment, human potential, career and goal development, stress management, health and wellness, and many more to help you to develop into your best self and to reach your full potential.

If you also have a topic that you would like us to hold an event or support group, please let us know.

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Location: 2251 Florin Road, Suite 139, Sacramento CA 95822

Website: http://www.wake-upfoundation.org

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The Personal Development Experience

Wake-Up Foundation

Learning components and outcome:

  1. What is personal development?
  2. Understand why personal development is important at an early age
  3. Learn how to apply personal development in all life areas (career, relationships, health, body, mind, spirit, and many more)
  4. Methods to increase self-understanding to make great decisions
  5. Tools and resources for personal development

Special Note: This event is for youth between 14-24 years old. Youths will need to provide proof of age before they are registered for the event.

This is an online event. Please click the link below to register for the event. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Q&A Session: Stress Management

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What is stress management?

Stress management is experiencing success and happiness with your daily activities. According to health psychology, the thing that causes you the most stress is your daily hassles, the things that you do daily.

The following are the things you must learn how to manage to prevent a high level of stress:

- Learn how to develop a successful career because you work 80% of your life, which is considered a daily task.
- Learn how to manage your relationships, especially with the people you interact with daily or most often.
- Make sure to take care of your health. No matter how old or young you are, you need good health to become successful in life because every success requires energy and strength.
- Learn how to manage your emotions successfully because you will experience different emotions daily. Do not allow your emotions to take the best of you.

Since you cannot escape from these daily hassles, the only thing you can do is learn how to manage them. If you avoid them, the higher your stress level becomes because they will never go away. Either face your life areas head-on to experience happiness or experience stress when you avoid them. You make the decision.

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Youth Social Change Project

Needs a location

Learning components and outcome:

  1. Discover and apply your strengths, talents, and passions
  2. How to create social change at different levels: Individual, community, and society levels
  3. Create life meaning and purpose to reach your full potential
  4. Develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills
  5. Tools to overcome challenges and barriers
  6. Learn how to create content and have the opportunity to share it on our blog, social media, newsletter, and many more.

Special Note: This event is only for youth between 14-24 years old. Youths will need to provide proof of age before they are registered for the event.

This is an online event. Please click the link below to register.


Q&A Session: Building Good Health

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To become the best version of yourself and use your strengths and talents to reach your full potential requires a lot of energy and strength. Poor health can often make you feel tired and unmotivated to successfully use your strengths and talents. As a result, poor health decreases your chances of experiencing meaning and purpose.

Good health helps you to be ready for opportunities. Many opportunities require a lot of energy and strength. You are unlikely to grab onto the opportunities with poor health because you do not meet the requirements. As a result, you will miss out on many opportunities. It is the same with overcoming challenges. If you often feel tired or unmotivated to solve your problems, then it might be because you lack the energy and strength to become successful.

Building good health is a lifelong journey because there will always be something that you can learn and improve your health. Your health does not stay the same over time. Even though you might experience good health now, your health will decline if you stop taking care of yourself. The more you neglect your health, the poorer your health becomes. Maintaining your health requires as much learning and effort as achieving good health.

Come get your building good health questions answered. Please watch our videos on building good health and previous questions that have been answered on our blog.

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