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Classic: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse ( Siddhartha (first published in 1922) is a novel based on the early life of Buddha,inspired by the author's visit to India before the First World War.The novel is about the young Brahmin Siddhartha's search for self- realization.Disturbed by the contradictions between his comfortable life and the harsh reality around,he takes to the life of wanderer.But an ascetic life,and shunning all temptations,does not give him a sense of full-filment either.Despairing of his condition,he goes to the riverbank,sitting there quietly.And then in the silence,he could hear himself,his inner self.In the end he grasps the wholeness of life,experiencing the sense of full-filment and wisdom which come with it.Written in a simple style,Siddhartha is considered a classic work dealing with the meaning of life.

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Welcome to Perspectives! We are a relaxed group that will be meeting on a regular basis in various locals around Northeast Ohio for book discussion, coffee, tea and the like. We will be reading books in various genres and will include both fiction and non- fiction.

How do we pick the book?: Books are picked based on members suggestions. Generally, we narrow the choices down and post a poll to pick the final selection by popular vote. If you have a suggestion for a book pick please use the Contact Us link to send over your idea. We will take your suggestions in consideration for future Meetups.

How do we pick the location?: Location is also based on member suggestions. We try to avoid "chains" and experience some of the unique establishments in Northeast Ohio. Please use the Contact Us link if you have suggestions for future Meetup locations.

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